This Blog is a Homeschool Project

Great blog, huh?

I wish I could say it was mine, but it’s not. I’m just the mom, the homeschool teacher, the cracker-of-the-whip (on occasion). I organize our school days and make sure that goals get set and things get done. And this blog gets done by its two bloggers-in-chief, Gordon and Lillian.

Maybe their parents can take credit for setting them up with a blog, anyway. When we left home in the spring of 2013 on an open-ended RV tour of the 50 U.S. states, my husband and I said that we wanted our kids to have a travelogue of their amazing adventure. It would be a digital scrapbook, of course, and an easy way to share pictures and stories with grandparents and friends.

As our adventure continued, we just had too many amazing pictures and stories to share, and blogging was moved from the occasional to-do list to the weekly must-do list. We tried – and it really worked out more and more every month – to make sure blogging got done every Monday, along with the math and Bible and Latin and geography and history and literature and sightseeing and science.
Sometimes, the other subjects wormed their way into the blog. Lillian, particularly, became fond of writing posts about her scientific discoveries. Here’s a good one. Gordon has shared everything from his love/hate relationship with frozen coffees to his favorite on-the-road video games. The blog began to not only chronicle their travels, but their lives.

Over time, their writing has grown from choppy, six-sentence posts and peanut-sized images to…well, to good stuff. Gordon and Lillian have developed an interest in blogging that goes beyond its origins as a weekly school assignment. The blog has become theirs.

So keep checking in. You’ll see already that they’ve been learning to write more interesting and complex posts, that their images are bigger and more clear, and that their posts are sometimes…sticky! (You might not even know what that means, but they explained it to me.)

They’re learning to use WordPress and its innumerable plugins to create, design, and imagine. Gordon is getting into video editing, while Lillian is our master of picture collages.

And me, what have I learned? To keep space and time available for the kids to do their work.

Fast-Paced, Slow Travel

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