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Traveling Turtle Tuesday: Lake Powell

We are on Lake Powell this very moment! We went with our Grandparents, Aunt, Uncle, and cousins. Shelldon has been loving it (he’s never been before), and he even learned to water ski. What other turtle do you know that knows how to ski? He’s pretty good. Gordon and I are really enjoying it, too. We’re so glad we already learned to ski in Indiana! So here’s your weekly dose of your favorite turtle:


The Farm: Part 2

As you know, we already posted once about our friends, the Rager’s farm, but that was about the work, and not so much the play; I’m here to talk about the play. If we weren’t joyriding the golf cart or having flip contests on the trampoline, it was probably because we went out water skiing a few times. I got up on my first try and Lil learned pretty quick too! It was great! We skied all day and got some great pictures out of it!

Another fun thing we did was meet up with our friends, the Manns, who we met in Florida a couple years ago. We saw them for two days and threw a surprise high school graduation party for their daughter Marissa, who works as a housekeeper for the Ragers. Thanks again to the Ragers for letting us park in your yard and teaching us how to ski!