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Traveling Turtle Tuesday: My Bedroom

While we’re here at Grammy and Grandpa’s house, I have my own room! It’s nice to have some more space to myself, and Shelldon likes it, too. Here he is hanging out with his friends. Left to right are: Brown Bear (my Mom’s bear from when she was a kid). Pinkie (the baby doll I’ve had since I was one). Shelldon (your favorite turtle). And Rosie (my adorable manatee, or “Potato Bear” as my little cousin calls it).


Seven Peaks

On Saturday we went to Seven Peaks with our friends Ike and Justice.  It was super fun! Gordon and Ike wanted to go on Jagged Edge first thing, so they stuck together the whole time, and Justice and I went together. He and I raced down Avalanche first. He won, but I couldn’t get started… Come on! It was super fun and afterward we did Cave-In. That’s one of my favorites. It’s a tube slide, so it’s super dark inside, but there’s glow-in-the-dark stuff on the walls.

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The Lazy River

Then we did Vortex, where you go down a tube and come out in a whirlpool, then you go through a hole in the middle out of a shoot. Last time I went I did Boomerang, but it was incredibly scary, and I didn’t want to do it again. You go down almost a straight down fall on a tube, and then you go flying up the other, almost straight up, side.
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One of the other really cool ones Justice and I did was Shotgun Falls. This was the first time I’d ever done it, and it was super fun. It’s a tube slide that goes really fast, and there are three awesome drops. The only bad thing about it is that it’s so quick. But luckily, because of that, the line is fast-moving. You’ll be too light if there’s only one person on the tube, and you’ll hit your head, so we traded our two single tubes in for a double tube. The first time we went I was in the front, which made us go faster, but after that the lifeguard was different and she made us do heaviest in the front. Justice and I also went twice on a triple tube with Mom. With all three of us we got some air on the second drop, but the first time we went we got stuck just before the first drop. It was scary, but we were able to wiggle the tube enough that it got moving again.

Gordon and Ike went down all the extreme slides. They started with Jagged Edge, a yellow slide that you go down on your back, with three intense drops. Then they did Free Fall a bunch. If you don’t know about Free Fall, it’s a super tall slide with almost a straight-down drop. You ride down feet first on your back, or face first on a mat. They also did Sky Breaker. I think it looks worse than Free Fall, because it’s basically the same thing but straighter, but Gordon said that because there was water spraying in his eyes so he had to close them, it wasn’t as scary.

Seven Peaks was awesome.


Lake Powell

Last week we went to Lake Powell, Utah. We’re staying with our grandparents in Price, and so it’s a three hour drive, but it’s totally worth it.

On Friday at 10:00-ish we drove all the way there. It was raining all day, which was very disappointing. Our Aunt and Uncle came down in the evening, with Cameron and Christian (who we all call BooBoo). That night we just hung out, but Saturday morning was awesome. We went out on Aunty and Unc’s boat and water skied, knee boarded and wake boarded. My records are 5 minutes water skiing, 4-ish minutes knee boarding, and 3 minutes wake boarding. Plus, I crossed the wake three times on wake board.


And who knew tubing was so fun? It is if your Uncle is trying to kill you, anyway. All three of us would ride on the tube at the same time. Gordon and Cam always use what they call the “Horse Technique” (Gordon sitting on top of Cameron and holding him down), and I go with an awesome new technique I figured out. I keep my lower legs in the same place and hold on for dear life, but my body and upper legs are mobile. We all had bad bruises and bangs all over, but although it hurt, it was fun enough that we kept going. Because of the side effects, we named the tube “The S.S. Death Wish.”
All three of us were screaming and yelling back and forth the whole time, although it was mostly just, “This is bad!” in different weird accents.

When we finally had to leave on Tuesday evening, we went to Stan’s Burger Shack for dinner. It was delicious.


Traveling Turtle Tuesday: Lake Powell

We are on Lake Powell this very moment! We went with our Grandparents, Aunt, Uncle, and cousins. Shelldon has been loving it (he’s never been before), and he even learned to water ski. What other turtle do you know that knows how to ski? He’s pretty good. Gordon and I are really enjoying it, too. We’re so glad we already learned to ski in Indiana! So here’s your weekly dose of your favorite turtle: