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Marathon Key Turtle Hospital

In the town of Marathon there are sea turtles, lots of sea turtles, and if there are lots of sea turtles some of them are going to get injured. That’s why there is a sea turtle hospital.

We went on a tour of it with a few friends and learned a little about the turtles and the things they get hospitalized for:

First off are the regular things like damaged shells from getting hit by boats or hurt limbs from fishing line entanglement. But then there are the weird things like air bubbles inside of their shells (from getting hit by boats) that make it hard for them to dive or tumors that grow over their eyes so they can no longer find food.

The turtle hospital is where they can get all that fixed. They have lasers to remove the tumors and weights to put on the turtles’ shells to help them dive again.

But sometimes they don’t recover well enough to go back into the wild  and they need to stay at then hospital and live there with the other turtles who have also become permanent residents. The most common turtles to become permanent residents are the ones who get air bubbles in their shells. The weights are helpful, but when the shell grows it sheds the scales so the weights can’t stay on. The hospital workers always have to put a new weight on, meaning the turtles need to stay at the hospital.

This was a great place to go to learn about turtles and how they live, in and out of the hospital.

Our group meeting the turtles
This guy is all healed from his tumors and ready to go back into the wild
This guy has a weight on his shell to help him dive