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Food in Different Places

Since we’ve traveled, we’ve discovered new restaurants and places to eat that we love. For example, we ate at Bojangles a lot when we were in the south because it’s delicious, less bad for you than a lot of fast food, and an awesome southern experience.

Eating Cherry Garcia (My favorite flavor!) at the Ben and Jerry’s factory in Vermont.

When we were in North Carolina, we ate at 12 Bones a few times. The place has two locations and is known as the best barbecue in Asheville. We’ve eaten seafood in Pikes Place Market in Seattle, surf and turf tacos at a street taco stand in San Diego, and chicken and waffles in Kentucky.

A little cafe in Little Italy in New York.
A little cafe in Little Italy in New York.

In Cape Cod we had lobster a few times, and I found out that even though I tried to eat it many times, I’m mildly allergic to lobster. So sad, right? At least it’l save me some money. IMG_2760 (1)

The point of saying this is that when you travel, you try new things that you wouldn’t have been able to at home, and sometimes it’s amazing, like Bojangles or 12 Bones! And sometimes you find that it’s even better than amazing, like Pikes Place! So if you want to read more about travel and experiences, make sure to buy our new book coming out soon: The Kid’s Guide to Life on the Road!