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Friends in Oceanside

We have some great friends named Grace and Zoe. We’ve been close forever, but one little problem: We hadn’t seen each other in three years! The very day we were leaving San Diego (Feb. 15th.), they arrived! The Pattons were visiting their grandparents in Oceanside, an (obviously) ocean side town just a little north of Encinitas. So of course we went to visit!

Aside from just hanging around talking, laughing, and remembering things we used to do together when we were little, we went to the beach for a long time. At first we didn’t change into swim suits. Pacific Ocean water is freezing, and we weren’t planning on getting soaked. After a while, however, it became evident that trying to stay dry wasn’t quite possible. At first we just waded a bit, and kept the water below our knees. But then I accidentally splashed Gordon. Oops! That resulted in a huge water war, which Zoe and I got out of as soon as we could.

Left to right: Zoe, Gordon, Me (Lillian), and Grace

It was just Grace and Gordon for a while, until my own brother started chasing me. I ran, with many varying futile attempts at staying dry-ish. This ended, of course, in Gordon dragging me halfway across the beach, getting sand all over my already wet clothes, and dumping me in the ocean. After all this we decided we might as well put on our swim suits. That way we would have clean clothes for later.


Boogie boarding is old hat for Zoe, who taught us the tricks. None of us could get hit with particularly big waves without screaming out a little. It was so cold! We caught as many waves as we could, and then, all shivering, Grace suggested we go up to the sand and warm up. I never really realized how warm sand could be when you’re cold. We dug a gigantic hole, and Gordon, quite willingly, actually, sat in it. Totally burying him took a while, but we were satisfied with our work, after making the amazing starfish-man. Then they all buried me. It was really warm, but made me a bit claustrophobic.

The amazing Starfish-Man
The amazing Starfish-Man

We went out to the ocean again after this, and had tons of fun boogie boarding until we were completely numb. Frigid, we made our way stiffly to the hot tub and slipped into those relaxing waters. When we got back we had a fantastic dinner of spaghetti, with ice cream to follow, and played a game of telephone for old time’s sake (we always used to during dinner when we were little).

Our day with the Pattons was fantastic, and it was hard to leave, but we know we’ll be seeing each other soon. That’s the great thing about moving around!

Hermit Crab Day

Just in case you were wondering, that’s a thing. Now.
Cali and I invented it about a week ago. Read about it here, and then go ahead and  then read about it on Cali’s blog.
Cali and I planned a party. We wanted it to be on Hermit Crab Island (See that cute TTT), but there was no way we could get everyone out there, so we hosted the party on the beach at the RV park. Beforehand, Cali and I had  done all sorts of stuff to prepare, including zentangling on clam shells, and preparing “sand” to eat. Cali wrote some things to say to introduce Marcus and me, and I wrote a story on Hermit Crabs, based off research I had done. Marcus read a poem by Augusta Day, and a brief history of the Keys by Azailia Dexter. I will record those in a minute. We even went to Hermit Crab Island to get crabs to hold.

The party was supposed to start at four, and when we got back from Hermit Crab Island it was ten ’til! Cali and I hurried to set up at the beach, but there were people there using the table that we had planned to have Mom use for her presentation on shells! Marcus, Gordon, and the Mann boys helped us get the food, music from Cali’s iPod, and decorations (tea lights in sea shells). I was really stressed out, but in the end it turned out great. We had already rehearsed several times that day.

Everybody arrived, and brought their own chairs like the invitations had asked. Once they were seated Marcus turned off the music, and Cali glanced at me from the top of the tree where she sat to announce. I was sitting in a lower branch, and Marcus stood behind me. It was Cali’s cue to introduce me. But she didn’t. We sat there whispering for a second. Cali was nervous all of a sudden, but I couldn’t just start. I felt unsteady and shy if she didn’t talk first. So I jumped out of the tree and turned the music back on. Then we talked, and Cali agreed to present me like planned. She motioned to Marcus, he turned the music off again, and Cali said her little intro. Then I started reading from my notebook.  I’m working on turning my story into an eBook, available on TurtleTells. You’ll know when it’s up.

Here's Marcus reading. Can you spot Cali?
Here’s Marcus reading. Can you spot Cali?

Then Cali introduced Marcus, who recited The Beach, by Augusta Day.

He recited a history of the Keys, too.
After Marcus, Cali announced Mom, and she presented on shells.

Crazy Shell Lady.
Crazy Shell Lady.

There was Q&A after that, and there will be Q&A on the comments here after you finish reading the post.
Then I called out from the tree, “Who wants to hold George?” Of course, the five hermit crabs that Cali and I had found were a big hit. We took the bowl and passed them around, always keeping a close eye on them.

After a little while we took all the hermit crabs back and I asked if there was anyone who hadn’t gotten to hold the hermit crabs who wanted to. There wasn’t, so I said,

“If you want to hold more crabs later, tell me or Cali. For now, lets eat sand!”  And we did. (Or, rather, everyone else did.) Serving lemonade and sand.

Serving lemonade and sand.

We had to whisper in little Thiessen’s ear what it was really made of, but then he liked it. Everyone did. After that the grown-ups sat and talked, and Cali and I arranged the other kids into a game of shell-toss, where they picked one previously Zentangled shell each, and tossed it at a bucket. Kids 8 and under tossed their shells into a hole in the sand.

Then everyone got an extra shell, because we had a lot, and the party was over.  So yeah. Happy Hermit Crab Day. Now I want to get two (or three, or four, or ten) as pets. :)