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Friends in Oceanside

We have some great friends named Grace and Zoe. We’ve been close forever, but one little problem: We hadn’t seen each other in three years! The very day we were leaving San Diego (Feb. 15th.), they arrived! The Pattons were visiting their grandparents in Oceanside, an (obviously) ocean side town just a little north of Encinitas. So of course we went to visit!

Aside from just hanging around talking, laughing, and remembering things we used to do together when we were little, we went to the beach for a long time. At first we didn’t change into swim suits. Pacific Ocean water is freezing, and we weren’t planning on getting soaked. After a while, however, it became evident that trying to stay dry wasn’t quite possible. At first we just waded a bit, and kept the water below our knees. But then I accidentally splashed Gordon. Oops! That resulted in a huge water war, which Zoe and I got out of as soon as we could.

Left to right: Zoe, Gordon, Me (Lillian), and Grace

It was just Grace and Gordon for a while, until my own brother started chasing me. I ran, with many varying futile attempts at staying dry-ish. This ended, of course, in Gordon dragging me halfway across the beach, getting sand all over my already wet clothes, and dumping me in the ocean. After all this we decided we might as well put on our swim suits. That way we would have clean clothes for later.


Boogie boarding is old hat for Zoe, who taught us the tricks. None of us could get hit with particularly big waves without screaming out a little. It was so cold! We caught as many waves as we could, and then, all shivering, Grace suggested we go up to the sand and warm up. I never really realized how warm sand could be when you’re cold. We dug a gigantic hole, and Gordon, quite willingly, actually, sat in it. Totally burying him took a while, but we were satisfied with our work, after making the amazing starfish-man. Then they all buried me. It was really warm, but made me a bit claustrophobic.

The amazing Starfish-Man
The amazing Starfish-Man

We went out to the ocean again after this, and had tons of fun boogie boarding until we were completely numb. Frigid, we made our way stiffly to the hot tub and slipped into those relaxing waters. When we got back we had a fantastic dinner of spaghetti, with ice cream to follow, and played a game of telephone for old time’s sake (we always used to during dinner when we were little).

Our day with the Pattons was fantastic, and it was hard to leave, but we know we’ll be seeing each other soon. That’s the great thing about moving around!

A Condo in Encinitas

Grammy and Grandpa got a condo in Encinitas  as a Christmas present to us. They brought our aunt and uncle, and cousins Cam and Christian (whom we call BooBoo).

Encinitas is a little beach town about 20 miles north of San Diego. There are cliffs leading down to the beaches there, and after going down a steep staircase you arrive at about 12 yards of open sand. When we were there, there were piles of rocks on the beach, but by the time we had gone, nearly all of them had been pulled back out to sea.

Screenshot 2016-02-10 at 10.28.26 AM

On the second-to-last day there, we had a big storm, which ripped up trees and pulled one person’s back porch off. But no biggie. We went to the (outdoor) pool. In Utah, trees don’t go flying because of a little storm. Utah trees need something good, like direct lightning, to kill them. So we played football in the pool for a while, and then sat in the hot tub.


It wasn’t all storm, though. The majority of our time was sunny and warm. On these days, we went down to the beach, swam in the pool, or went on an outing. One day we went to San Diego Safari Park, a sort of zoo, with a more wild sort of feel. That was really cool.


We went to a trampoline park, which had a ninja course. It was pretty hard, and we had a lot of fun. Gordon also met his favorite skateboard legend, Stevie Cab.

Gordon, Cam, and I played hide-and-seek a lot, which was really fun in the condo because it had a bunch of hidden, totally unexplored places. We all slept in the basement, and every night we would watch a movie down there on our own TV.

After such a fun weekend, it was hard to say goodbye, but we knew we’d be seeing each other again. We had a great time In Encinitas, California.

Rev-Quest: The Old Enemy

At the house of the British governor of colonial Virginia.
Mary Dickinson’s store
Pigpen cipher
In the gaol where Blackbeard’s pirates were kept.









Today we went to Williamsburg, and did a bunch of great stuff. For one, Gordon and I played Rev-Quest, a revolutionary spy game. After we had watched the video that told us how to begin, we checked the Red Schedule to find out what time we had to meet our agent at the Robert Carter house. Since there was still half an hour to spare, the colonial farm was the perfect place to stop, with just enough to see and do that we were done five minuets before our meeting, giving us enough time to get there.

Our agent explained to our group of fellow spies how to use the special cipher, and where to go next. Following orders, Gordon and I hurried to Mary Dickinson’s store, where we found that there where 13 letters on the sign, the feathers were in an X shape, and there was only 1 fan. This gave us our first clue: 13XI. This doesn’t make sense to you because it is in code. I am not allowed to explain it to you, do to direct orders from our Leader, but I can tell you that our secret message was sent, using a special messaging device from the future, to Mrs. J. From there she gave us a special order, to go to the magazine and speak with an associate of hers. We found out the next clue, 13JIV. Upon sending to Mrs. J., I quickly remembered something odd I had seen on the side of a tavern, just what we were looking for. Gordon and I rushed to Chowning’s Tavern, and found the pigpen code written on the outside wall. It seemed a little risky to me, since it is not too hard to decipher, but an old lobster-back wouldn’t understand the words, anyway. Since you are so desperate to know I will tell you, but you will have to rest with the simple knowledge that the clue is as follows, for reasons unknown to you. Arms. Tobacco. Sugar.

Gordon put the words in their proper order on a letter previously given to us, and I read it aloud. It seemed that tobacco is what the French prize most, so it will be our way of trade. We have found an ally at the Post Office who has given us a document in which there is a message for the French clearly stating the reasons we want independence from Britain. Gordon sent a message to Mrs. J. to tell her what we had found, and we learned of a French Envoy with whom we needed to speak. She would only come to speak at 1:45, so as to not be seen, so we waited for half an hour more at the millinery. When she finally came, it was with ill tidings, for the French would not become allies… Yet. My brother and I, and all our fellow spies, are sure we can change their minds. Our hearts are of oak, as Mrs. J. has said, and we can not give up now.

Gordon and I found a green gated alley way across from a sign that said 1745, a clue given us by the French Envoy, and found a message in pigpen code. It said “North” “Middle” and “South.” Mrs. J. had given me a map of the ocean and my brother and I tried to decide the easiest route to France, north, middle, or south.

Thomas Jefferson is to leave from the Delaware River on the north route to France. That is the shortest, but also the most dangerous. We had to meet with a Courtier at 3:00, in order to tell him of our Leader’s plans, and get the name of the the safest ship to take him across. Gordon and I successfully got our message across, and learned the name of the ship so as to pass the information on to Mrs. J., who in turn will alert the French to be on the lookout for the ship. I’m sorry, I am not permitted to pass the name on to you, for it has been forbid by our Leader. It is yet to be discovered whether or not France will consent in the end, but I’m sure that Britain’s Old Enemy will be our New Ally.

12 Bones


the sandwich, mac, and slaw.
chowing down

When Grandma Ruth came last time, she took us to the 12Bones Smokehouse in Asheville, North Carolina. It was awesome barbeque and the sides were also great. I got a pulled pork sandwich, mac and cheese, and coleslaw. The pulled pork was some of the very best I’ve ever tasted, and the mac and cheese was awesome too, but I wasn’t very into the slaw because I think it was too sweet. We had an awesome time.

We found out that President Obama came there in ’08 to eat, and ever since it’s been all the locals can talk about. They even think he is going to buy a house and move here!