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A Condo in Encinitas

Grammy and Grandpa got a condo in Encinitas  as a Christmas present to us. They brought our aunt and uncle, and cousins Cam and Christian (whom we call BooBoo).

Encinitas is a little beach town about 20 miles north of San Diego. There are cliffs leading down to the beaches there, and after going down a steep staircase you arrive at about 12 yards of open sand. When we were there, there were piles of rocks on the beach, but by the time we had gone, nearly all of them had been pulled back out to sea.

Screenshot 2016-02-10 at 10.28.26 AM

On the second-to-last day there, we had a big storm, which ripped up trees and pulled one person’s back porch off. But no biggie. We went to the (outdoor) pool. In Utah, trees don’t go flying because of a little storm. Utah trees need something good, like direct lightning, to kill them. So we played football in the pool for a while, and then sat in the hot tub.


It wasn’t all storm, though. The majority of our time was sunny and warm. On these days, we went down to the beach, swam in the pool, or went on an outing. One day we went to San Diego Safari Park, a sort of zoo, with a more wild sort of feel. That was really cool.


We went to a trampoline park, which had a ninja course. It was pretty hard, and we had a lot of fun. Gordon also met his favorite skateboard legend, Stevie Cab.

Gordon, Cam, and I played hide-and-seek a lot, which was really fun in the condo because it had a bunch of hidden, totally unexplored places. We all slept in the basement, and every night we would watch a movie down there on our own TV.

After such a fun weekend, it was hard to say goodbye, but we knew we’d be seeing each other again. We had a great time In Encinitas, California.

Lake Powell

Last week we went to Lake Powell, Utah. We’re staying with our grandparents in Price, and so it’s a three hour drive, but it’s totally worth it.

On Friday at 10:00-ish we drove all the way there. It was raining all day, which was very disappointing. Our Aunt and Uncle came down in the evening, with Cameron and Christian (who we all call BooBoo). That night we just hung out, but Saturday morning was awesome. We went out on Aunty and Unc’s boat and water skied, knee boarded and wake boarded. My records are 5 minutes water skiing, 4-ish minutes knee boarding, and 3 minutes wake boarding. Plus, I crossed the wake three times on wake board.


And who knew tubing was so fun? It is if your Uncle is trying to kill you, anyway. All three of us would ride on the tube at the same time. Gordon and Cam always use what they call the “Horse Technique” (Gordon sitting on top of Cameron and holding him down), and I go with an awesome new technique I figured out. I keep my lower legs in the same place and hold on for dear life, but my body and upper legs are mobile. We all had bad bruises and bangs all over, but although it hurt, it was fun enough that we kept going. Because of the side effects, we named the tube “The S.S. Death Wish.”
All three of us were screaming and yelling back and forth the whole time, although it was mostly just, “This is bad!” in different weird accents.

When we finally had to leave on Tuesday evening, we went to Stan’s Burger Shack for dinner. It was delicious.