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Before the Kid’s Guide comes out, get ahead on your TurtleTells shopping!

Into natural science? Try The Life of a Loggerhead, about adorable Terence the Sea Turtle, or A Brief Beach Book, where you can read the story of George, a hermit crab. These short stories about animals are sure to make you smile.

Looking for more games to play with your friends? Check out Games on the Go! These fun activities are in five categories: conversation games, car games, pool games, outside games, and ways to decide who’s It next. Try them out!

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What’s this featured image (The one at the top)? If you remember, it’s Shelldon reading Gordon’s turtle book in D.C. 

We’ve got a big Announcement!

Here at TurtleTells we’ve got some exciting news. We’re coming out with a new book, but not just any book. It’s the ultimate book for kids whose parents are thinking about full-time RVing. It’s a book chock full of experienced answers to real kid’s questions. It’s the Kid’s Guide to Life on the Road.

For a long time we’ve had this idea, and we’ve been working hard. It was a top-secret project, but now the book’s nearly finished and it’s time to tell! Gordon and I have been traveling for over 2 years now, as you probably know, and we’ve got this thing down. We decided to share our knowledge, and so here we are! The Kid’s Guide has 8 unique chapters, each focused on one specific common question. One of them is even a Q&A chapter, answering questions from real kids! So get ready: we’re serious about this book launch!

Featured Image Explanation: The Kid’s Guide is as good as the Harry Potter series. Well, no, it isn’t, but almost.

Traveling Turtle Tuesday: Harry Potter

I’ve  been kind of obsessed with Harry Potter lately, thanks to my friend Cali. Since I happen to have all the books laying around here, Shelldon picked up the first one he saw and started reading. Unfortunately, that was the seventh and last book in the series. So much for not spoiling it all. Oh well, he’s liking this one a lot and plans to go back and read them all from The Sorcerer’s Stone.