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The Kid’s Guide is Out!

Okay! The Kid’s Guide to Life on The Road is out!

With 34 vibrant pages and lots of color pictures, this book is awesome! It’s full of stories and advice and all kinds of fun!!!! (That just called for multiple exclamation marks.)

The point is: We’ve had a lot of fun writing this book and can’t wait for you to read it, so click HERE to learn more!

When you buy the book you will get an email with a blue link, click on the link and it will download the book to your laptop, iPhone, iPad, tablet,etc.



To buy The Kid’s Guide to Life on the Road, click HERE.

Share your Favorite Travel Memories

I just wanted to remind you guys that we’ll be releasing our new book, The Kid’s Guide to Life on the Road, on Monday, September 14! We’re super excited to help you all achieve travel, but for now let’s reminisce about past travel experiences.

One of my favorites is the time we went to Acadia National Park in Maine. Of course, you could read about that here,  but there are a few stories I didn’t mention.

Has anyone seen the picture of Gordon falling off the world? We were hiking and he found this spike sticking out of the ground. Of course, being Gordon, he had to freak everyone out. What was really happening, if you haven’t figured it out, was that he was laying on the ground holding the spike. I was climbing down a huge slippery rock, and when I came up Gordon was just getting up. Mom said “Your brother just fell off the world.” It was hilarious.
FullSizeRender (5)

We were at the climax of the beehive, just Gordon and I. Mom and Dad were nearing the top, with their friend Bob. It was amazing to just stand and stare, but after a while we had to get going. There was this little trail going all the way down and it was super steep. We ran all the way and it was great: the wind blowing in my hair and on my face, my brother by my side. That shiny rock there, look at that! And all of a sudden I was falling, falling, falling. I had tripped on the rock! I twisted my knee up a bit and I couldn’t walk for a few minutes. It was bad, but we waited a minute and I was fine. The funny thing, though, was that a little group of people walked by right when I fell. They didn’t even say anything, but you know what they did do? They just whispered among themselves, “That must have hurt.”

Please share you favorite travel memories with us in the comments below!