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A Bit of The Kid’s Guide Part 2

Okay, yesterday Lil wrote about The Kid’s Guide and added an excerpt that I wrote. Today It’s my turn, so let’s do it!

This is an excerpt of Lillian’s about what to do on driving days, so here you go!

As far as your hobbies and enjoyments go, travel life will be very similar, if not exactly the same. But then there’s driving time. If you don’t get car sick, you can read, play video games, draw, and really do just about anything you want. I do get car sick, so I usually don’t do anything. If you knit or crochet, that’s a great thing to do because you don’t have to look at it much. I like to play car games such as Zip and The Alphabet Game

It’s too bad Lil gets carsick because she can’t play video games or read books so we end up playing a lot of those travel games. The point however, is buy our book, The Kid’s Guide to Life on The Road.

A Bit of The Kid’s Guide

Hi everyone! Thank you all again for buying The Kid’s Guide to Life on the Road. We wanted to share a bit for those of you who haven’t bought it yet.  So here’s a taste of the comedic side of things that you’re going to get from Gordon:

Because of RVing I met all my distant cousins and ate a lot of fried chicken at the same time. If you’ve never had real southern fried chicken, you are missing out! But anyway, back to the point… If you travel you can meet family you never knew existed, or eat chicken you never thought could taste so good!

“What’s that? I’m not supposed to be writing about chicken? Oh, okay. Sorry.”

As everyone who knows him knows, Gordon has been making people laugh since he was a baby. He’s also a great writer. Put those two together, and you’ve got this gold! Buy The Kid’s Guide to Life on the Road to read the rest of his stuff, guaranteed to make you laugh.

Traveling Turtle Tuesday: The Kid’s Guide

Hey everyone!! Thank you so much for buying our book! Shelldon got it for free (it’s one of the purks of being  the TurtleTells Turtle). Here he is,  thinking about his favorite part.

“We made friends with them [RV Retirees], and it was really fun to do our homework up there and pretty much spend the whole time talking and not getting anything done. One lady grew up with Jimmy Buffet! We got to be the moderators for the many debates over whether Kentucky is a southern state of not.” (By the way, it isn’t.)


(Buy the book above.)


I don’t know if you still read the blog, Mr. S., but if you do I want you to know that we have many fond memories of you. Thanks for being great!


The Kid’s Guide is Out!

Okay! The Kid’s Guide to Life on The Road is out!

With 34 vibrant pages and lots of color pictures, this book is awesome! It’s full of stories and advice and all kinds of fun!!!! (That just called for multiple exclamation marks.)

The point is: We’ve had a lot of fun writing this book and can’t wait for you to read it, so click HERE to learn more!

When you buy the book you will get an email with a blue link, click on the link and it will download the book to your laptop, iPhone, iPad, tablet,etc.



To buy The Kid’s Guide to Life on the Road, click HERE.

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Before the Kid’s Guide comes out, get ahead on your TurtleTells shopping!

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Tell us if you read these books! We love getting feedback from our fans.


What’s this featured image (The one at the top)? If you remember, it’s Shelldon reading Gordon’s turtle book in D.C. 

We’ve got a big Announcement!

Here at TurtleTells we’ve got some exciting news. We’re coming out with a new book, but not just any book. It’s the ultimate book for kids whose parents are thinking about full-time RVing. It’s a book chock full of experienced answers to real kid’s questions. It’s the Kid’s Guide to Life on the Road.

For a long time we’ve had this idea, and we’ve been working hard. It was a top-secret project, but now the book’s nearly finished and it’s time to tell! Gordon and I have been traveling for over 2 years now, as you probably know, and we’ve got this thing down. We decided to share our knowledge, and so here we are! The Kid’s Guide has 8 unique chapters, each focused on one specific common question. One of them is even a Q&A chapter, answering questions from real kids! So get ready: we’re serious about this book launch!

Featured Image Explanation: The Kid’s Guide is as good as the Harry Potter series. Well, no, it isn’t, but almost.

Gordon Has a New eBook Out!

I, Gordon, after taking my trusty typewriter to a log cabin in the woods, being held hostage by a crazy lady, fending off herds of wolves, and running out of Hot Pockets, have written a book about loggerhead turtles and am proud to release it to you, The Life of a Loggerhead: a Story, a Game, and a Recipe.

Remember when you read my post about the Marathon Key Turtle Hospital Well, good, because that post was the inspiration (along with suggestions from the crazy lady in the woods) to write what is now known as  the funnest book about turtles ever, so go ahead and buy that book!

If you want to preview or buy the book, all you have to do is click on the cover image below! Just click on it!

You can also click HERE.