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Traveling Turtle Tuesday: My Bedroom

While we’re here at Grammy and Grandpa’s house, I have my own room! It’s nice to have some more space to myself, and Shelldon likes it, too. Here he is hanging out with his friends. Left to right are: Brown Bear (my Mom’s bear from when she was a kid). Pinkie (the baby doll I’ve had since I was one). Shelldon (your favorite turtle). And Rosie (my adorable manatee, or “Potato Bear” as my little cousin calls it).


Lakeside Farms

We’re in Angola, Indiana. We’ll be here for a week, and we’re at a friend’s farm, Lakeside Farms. They have chickens, cows, and lots of non-GMO crops. They also sell farm equipment and mowers. The kids are Blake, age 7, Courtney, age 4, and Kendall, age 2. We met the Rager’s last winter in the Florida Keys, and have been friends ever since. Since we were passing through their neck of the woods, we decided to stop and hang out a while.

In the morning, at about 10:00, we get the eggs. Sometimes it’s just me and Blake, and sometimes Gordon comes, but most of the time I go by myself. I got attacked by the rooster once, when I was kneeling down to get a hard-to-reach egg. He attacked me again one time when I was trying to get out the door, and kept jumping at my legs. I kicked him until he finally retreated enough that I could get out the door without him escaping.

Me, Courtney, and Kendall washing eggs.
Me, Courtney, and Kendall washing eggs.

After the eggs are gathered you must carefully rinse the dirt and any stray feathers off of each one. Most of the time there are about 50 eggs to wash. Then you have to dry them and ether put them into egg cartons (to sell at the farm store) or into flats (to put into the big fridge in the confernce room). Afterwords you carry them to the place where that particular batch goes. We must do this twice a day, once at 10:00 A.M.-ish, and once at 5:00 P.M.-ish.

Then there are the cows to feed (which I’ve only done once), and the garden to work on. It’s just planting season right now, of course, and we can’t plant much because it rains almost every day.

Blake is building a tree house, so during free time we help him with that. When we got here he had already made a ladder, and almost finished the floors. The walls are about 2/3 done now, and the floors are reinforced. There’s even a hatch on hinges to climb through!

We also have Nerf battles, jump on the trampoline, play on the climber, and watch Shark Tank at night, after dinner when we’re all exhasted.

A big thank-you to Mr. and Mrs. Rager for letting us stay with you!!! We are enjoying it so much!!!


P.S. Photo credit on the top picture goes to Lakeside Farms!

Traveling Turtle Tuesday: Rainy Travel Day

It’s a travel day! (A 4-hour-long one. Ugh.) We’re headed to Buffalo, New York, and then driving more tomorrow. It’s raining terribly, and whenever there’s a big storm Shelldon curls up in his shell and tries to go to sleep. Well, after quite a bit of coaxing I got him to come out, since it is Traveling Turtle Tuesday. But he still insisted in staying in his cozy spot in my room with his friends.
P.S. At this very second we’re in a big truck stop, getting a bit of lunch.

Do you remember Alfred, from a previous TTT? Click on the picture to read that post.



TurtleTells as a Travel Index

Recently, a reader left a comment saying she wanted to use TurtleTells as a travel index to look for things to do in North Carolina.

We love getting requests from our readers.

We love getting requests like that. We are working on setting up a state-by-state index so you can click on a state and find a list of things to see, do, and eat.

Here are links to some of the North Carolina posts. If you want more you can type “North Carolina” in the search bar at the top right corner of the home page.

Asheville Architecture




The Biltmore Estate

The Biltmore Estate pt2

We hope this post is helpful and hope more people are interested in using TurtleTells as a travel index. If you have a suggestion or feedback, please leave a comment. We would love to hear from you.



A Day in my Life: When There’s not Much to do

A while back I wrote “A Day in my Life: Chesapeake Meetup.” We haven’t been doing much, so I decided to write another one about what I’m doing now. Although there’s not much going on, I still have a busy day!

Every morning at 8:00, Gordon and I get up and get ready for the day: Get dressed, clean room, brush teeth, etc. Then, at 8:30, Mom, Dad, Gordon, and I eat breakfast and read the Bible.

Gordon and I have a great app on our computers called “Evernote.” It allows people to send notes and checklists to each other.  Mom has it too, and uses it to send school work checklists to us. We can then mark off the boxes of things that we have done as we finish them. Gordon and I do our school work, but I’ve talked about that plenty in “What we Study.”

I always finish school quickly, because I have stuff to work on! This winter in the Florida Keys, we met the Ragers, a family who goes down south for the winter, but lives in Indiana, on their farm. Mrs. Rager is starting a farm stand  this April, and she wanted to sell things that homeschoolers had made. After she had seen our work, she invited Cali and I to be those homeschoolers! Of course we said yes!

We are making three things, at least to start out. The first is headbands. Cali and I are both making them, and some are reversible. They are held on with elastic, and very comfortable.
The second thing is book bags. Only Cali is making these. They are all reversible, with a thick strap, and big enough to fit an iPad.
And finally, the third thing that we sell is aprons. Right now I am the only one making these. I will have ten done; 5 kid’s size and 5 adult.

My Favorite Headband. Cartoon Whales!!!
My Favorite Headband. Cartoon Whales!!!
The Matching Apron!
The Matching Apron!

I better be going now! I’ve got sewing to do!

What we Study

As many of you know, we have home-schooled for about four years, now. But our school routine has changed along with our lifestyle. I know that some of you are considering full-time RVing, and I though you all might like to know what it is that we study. So here goes:

We study a number of subjects, but many of them are quick. We begin every morning with a Bible DVD, (We all love Buck Denver and Ken Ham), while we eat our breakfast, which usually consists of a chocolate-banana shake and gluten-free toast. (Or for Gordon, a shake and a bagel.) After our video, we discuss it a little, and then move on to math. We use an Amish math curriculum called “Mathematics for Christian Living,” published by Rod & Staff. Gordon and I both use the fifth grade book, and we will move on to sixth soon. Right now we are studying basic geometry.
We have studied Latin for three years, I think, and we have used the Memoria Press curriculum the whole time. Those are our big subjects. On most days we spend half-an-hour on Bible, half-an-hour on Math, and half-an-hour on Latin. One of our smaller subjects is Anatomy, for which we use the Harper&Row Anatomy Coloring Book to color bones, muscles, and stuff like that. We also use an app game called “Whack a Bone,” to learn the names of major bones. (Available on the App Store). Another smaller subject is history. We use “The Story of the World,” along with other things that relate to the time period we’re talking about. Right now we’re studying William Shakespeare, and we have a finger puppet theater set with a bunch of his characters and parts of Shakespeare’s plays to reenact with the finger puppets.
And of course, we blog. This is the biggest subject, but I don’t really count it as a school subject because it’s so fun and exiting to learn how to do new things, and it’s also fun to make new posts. I hope you have enjoyed this one.