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Hello! Thanks for dropping by TurtleTells! I’m Lillian, and I’m a Co-Founder of TurtleTells, along with my brother Gordon. If you were to go to our Home Page right now, you’d probably see some pretty cool stuff. But chances are, you wouldn’t know why you were seeing that stuff. What are we doing, talking about New Mexico one week, and California the next? Do we really travel all the time?  Well, yes, we do. We’re always moving from one place to the next. To find out more about our travels, click over to the Home Page and start reading!

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  1. Hi All, Hope you had a nice Christtmas. Jerry and I have “downsized” and are now living in a townhome in Herriman. Still working and discarding things that no longer fit and trying to fit in things we wish to keep. Supposed to be working but ran across the blog, nice seeing pics of Lilian and Gordan. Well anyway, Happy New Year! Janice

  2. g/mornin’ from asheville………..are you the woman i spoke with in the grocery store parking lot in w.asheville? i’d like to follow your travels…….advise

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