Four Reasons Corvettes Aren’t Just for Old Guys

You know the stereotype: a sixty five year-old retiree driving through Palm Beach in his brand new Corvette. Now that his kids are gone he can finally spend the money on his long-time dream car. There’s no denying that old guys love Corvettes, but are they really the only people who appreciate them? I think not. The new Chevy sports car is of such quality, beauty, and speed that it really makes you consider purchasing one. I’m going to give you four reasons the Corvette isn’t just for old guys.


Track time


As you may know, last year, at Car and Driver’s Lightning Lap, Chevy’s Corvette made it around Virginia International Raceway in 2:44.6 that’s 2.9 seconds faster than the Lamborghini Huracan LP610-4’s time of 2:47.5. The Corvette also won Road and Track’s performance car of the year, made it onto Car and Driver’s 10 Best list, and, among many other awards and accolades, won Autoweek’s Best of the Best New Car Honor. Performance-wise, this is no longer your dad’s sports car.


Power, pure power

vette rear

This car is a beast. With 650 horsepower and 650 lb-ft of torque, you can go from 0-60 in 2.95 seconds. The raw power holds your back to the seat and urges you to press the pedal down just a little further, until you reach the top speed of 205 mph. You can hit the drag strip and do a quarter mile in 10.95 seconds; that’s half second faster than a Ferrari 458! And for a third of the price, too. The Z06 package comes with Michelin Sport Cup 2 tires, Brembo carbon ceramic brakes, and a variety of downforce-alicious aero bundles to choose from, including that dark-tinted transparent spoiler that looks so cool.



interior blu

The same stereotype that says only old guys drive ‘Vettes also says they can’t use computers. Whether or not that’s true isn’t the point right now, but the 8-inch My-Link touchscreen is. It can record track data, analyze lap times, take video of your ride, show your record top speeds, 0-60 times, quarter miles, and more. You can get real-time data overlays with the Cosworth toolbox program and save your data and video with an SD card reader in the glovebox. That’s not all, though: Bluetooth, premium Bose audio, Sirius XM, and Apple Car Play make this a killer entertainment system. You can remotely unlock and start the car with your iPhone and stream music all day with built-in 4G WiFi from Sprint. That’s a lot of tech for an old guy car.



63 fastback

The Corvette has been around since the early fifties and has become a part of our American heritage. I’m talking baseball games, apple pie, Coca Cola, and Corvettes. There’s something special about a car that’s been around since ‘52 and will likely be made by Chevy for the rest of time. This car is as much of a legend as a Mustang, as beloved as the FIA Cobra, and as powerful as a Boeing 747. Okay, that might have been a slight exaggeration, but the point is, it’s a classic and the perfect car for anyone.

After Prince’s song Little Red Corvette came out, Chevy put up a billboard featuring a ‘63 fastback. The Beach Boys, LL Cool J, George Jones, Sir Mix Alot, and Jan and Dean have all written songs about ‘Vettes. That’s because  It’s a classic, a competitor, a winner, the subject of many songs, and a ride for the generations. And, as Chevy’s billboard put it: They don’t write songs about Volvos.


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Five Reasons to Buy a Cayman GT4

Porsche’s mid-engined sports coupe, the Cayman, has been dominating the entry-level sports car world ever since it hit the showroom floor in 1996, but now a new iteration of Cayman arises. Behold the GT4! With a 24-valve, flat-six engine straight out of the 911, this is the car to have, and I’m going to tell you five reasons why:

GT4It’s rare

This is an uncommon car. Only about 2,500 will have been made by the end of 2016, and only half of those will go to the U.S. market. Compare that to the 428,606 Toyota Camrys sold in 2015 alone. Just the fact that you’ll be driving something so rare is enough to make you drop by a dealership today.

It’s an investment

Because there aren’t many GT4s out there and this is quite possibly Porsche’s last manual-only sports car, the car is expected to go up in value over the next 20-30 years. That means you can justify the purchase of this fine automobile easily. Call it an investment.

It’s a good value

A great reason to own this car is the price. At a base of $85,595 it’s not cheap, but it’s also not unreasonable, considering a 911 starts at $89,400. You can option it with metallic paint, leather seats, sports chronometer package, and an extended fuel tank for $89,300. That’s $100 less than a base 911. That’s value.

GT4(2)It’s fast

Has there ever been a Porsche not made for performance? This track-happy little sports car gets from 0-60 in just 4.1 seconds. It has 385 horsepower and 310 lb-ft of torque, rocketing this car to a top track speed of 183 mph. If you like to go fast, this is the car for you.

It’s fun

Which brings me to my last comment about this exquisite vehicle: the fun of it.Track days, racing guys at stoplights, drifting around corners, escaping the cops, and simply getting seen are the real reasons to buy this car.

The Cayman GT4 not only turns heads and is ranked as the number one sports coupe by Car and Driver magazine, but it will, I guarantee, make the garage your favorite room in the house

GT4 interior



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