Un Viaje a México

Hola, amigos! Today I’ll tell you the story of a short trip to Mexico that resulted in a gallon of horchata, a tamarind popscicle, and some very cheap dental work. One of the previous is not true, and I’m sure you’ll figure out which by the end of this post. So the story begins.

We were driving aimlessly through the desert of California in the RV with an end goal of making it to Phoenix, Arizona. We decided to park for the night in the RV lot of an Indian casino very close to the Mexican border. We got to talking to some of our neighbors at the RV lot, and they said you could get in and out of this part of Mexico with just your birth certificate and driver’s license, so naturally we decided to check it out the next day.IMG_1130

After waking up and preparing for our escapade, we drove down to the border and parked the car along with all the Canadians who come down here to escape getting freezer burn. To get into Mexico you literally just walk through a turnstile and, BOOM, you have entered the land of cheap dentistry. (This is the part of the story where you find out which one of the three results of our trip to Mexico listed above is not true. ) We walked past the dental shops, determined to venture deeper into the town.IMG_1129

Just for the record, Mexico is exactly like it is in the movies. Exactly. People are always standing on the sidewalks beckoning you into their shops and restaurants. There’s always a couple guys who shout,  “Hey you with the excellent hair, check out this tamarind Popsicle. It’s delicious and I can tell you want it. Tell you what, I’ll sell you two of them for a buck fifty ’cause I can tell you’re hungry for something sweet!.” The Popsicle was pretty much just sugary so it wasn’t incredible, But the horchata (a spiced, sweet, milk drink) was so good. SOOO much better than the stuff you get in the states. Eventually, we felt that we had explored enough and we made our way back to the exit door.FullSizeRender (11)

To get out ,we just walked through some more turnstiles and showed a Border Patrol officer our birth certificates, and BOOM, we were back in the states, headed to our RV and then to Phoenix, Arizona.

7 thoughts on “Un Viaje a México”

  1. Glad this worked out for you guys. Things have changed so much at border crossings so this one sounds like a good choice. (I’ve been across at Juarez, Nogales, and Tijuana. The ring that I bought in Juarez when I was about 12 turned my finger green. ) Enjoyed hearing about your experience.

  2. That was a neat adventure! I remember my family going to Juarez, Mexico, for a short shopping excursion when I was a child. I still have my bracelet and maracas from that trip.

  3. Very entertaining! So you bought a whole gallon of the horchata? So where in the states had you had it before? I wonder why it was different… I really like your writing style. Makes me want to read more :)

    1. In America, far too much sugar is put in horchada. It’s good, I guess, but after tasting the true Mexican drink, it’s just too sweet.
      Gordon says thanks.

  4. I know the part about the guy shouting “Hey you with the excellent hair!” is totally true, I’m not sure about any of the dentistry or popcicle or horchata parts. 😎

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