Las Vegas 2016

First off, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and welcome back! You may remember last time we went to Las Vegas. It was almost three years ago, and one of the first places we went on this huge adventure. So now, as the TurtleTells Trip comes full circle, with only six states left to see, here we are again.

It’s funny, isn’t it, how you can get used to almost anything? Last Las Vegas, for example (I don’t use months and years to remember things so much as places anymore), my maximum driving time per day was two and a half hours, maybe three if I was feeling especially cheerful. But now a standard moving day is 3 to 5 hours, no big deal. It’s business-as-usual to pack up all the fragile stuff in my room, unhook from the water and electric, “stow” the kitchen while Mom and Gordon put the car on the tow dolly, and snuggle up with a fat book for a few hours (not that I’m not constantly reading some big book or other anyway.) I’m even getting over my motion sickness.

But enough reminiscing. 186 words already, and I haven’t said a thing about what we’ve done in Las Vegas this time around! For starters, we had an, er, eventful first night. We were driving back from our Grandparent’s house, where we had spent Christmas and New Years, and we were going to have to stay the night in a hotel. See, we had left our motor home in storage, and we had started so late that morning that we couldn’t complete the six hour drive before the storage place closed. After a lot of searching for a hotel, we got one. It looked pretty nice when we got there, and we were all looking forward to collapsing in bed as we opened the door to our room. One minor problem, though: There weren’t any beds to collapse in. There was a low-definition TV on a dresser, an armchair, a swivel chair, and a half-ripped up carpet. Uh oh.  So Mom and Dad went down to sort it out, and it turns out that some of the rooms were being remodeled, and that happened to be one of them. So no big deal, we got another room and it was fine. But that’s one new experience, and those are getting rare.

At our Las Vegas Church, Central Christian, we saw a mini Elvis impersonator show!

We also went to The Mentalist, a show that’s full of mind tricks so crazy you’re sure they’re set up: but they’re not. The Mentalist is a man named Gerry McCambridge, who plays serious tricks with your brain. He chose three random people from the front row, and had them each in turn choose  a side of a die, one particular number, without letting him see it. Then he would guess what number they chose, and each time he got it right.

The thing that sets this apart from “magic,” is that Gerry McCambridge tells you how he does things, and they’re still amazing! He tells you what technique he used each time to influence the people to choose one number, so that he could guess the number correctly. For example, he kept pointing, but used four fingers instead of one, to influence one guy to choose four. And it worked! It’s incredible.

He had someone draw something, and he guessed, blindfolded, what it was she drew. He could tell just by listening!  He also knows statistics of everything, which helps. He knew most women of her age would draw a wheelchair, for whatever reason, and so when he heard her drawing he had hints. It was, in fact, a wheelchair, and he did get it right.

imageThen, with his blindfold still on, and silver dollars taped over his eyes so he couldn’t see at all, he proceeded to guess initials of people in the room and then guess their full names, their occupations, and all sorts of things about them. It was a little unsettling. I’ve got to go now, but if ever you’re in Las Vegas and get the opportunity, it’s absolutely amazing to see The Mentalist at work.

6 thoughts on “Las Vegas 2016”

  1. You and Gordon have had so many amazing experiences over the last three years. It has been wonderful to follow your blog and benefit from your travels! Thanks for being so loyal to your readers and faithfully blogging. We will continue to enjoy your upcoming experiences with you, and always enjoy the times we get to share with you in person.

  2. Has it been that long since you started? I have enjoyed reading your blog and look forward to future posts.
    FYI: we are having our family reunion in Greenville, SC this summer on Sunday, June 26. You were here two years ago. Wish you could widen that circle and come again. Love to you and your family.

  3. My goodness, how much you’ve grown and how much you’ve learned since all of this started. Looks like a great time in Vegas.

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