Hanging Out in Utah

For the last month or so we’ve been hanging out in Utah, seeing grandparents and friends. We’ve gone to Lake Powell twice, mountain biked, seen cousins, spent lots of time on a trampoline, launched a book, and more.

Lil made aprons for her online store Seams Good and is working on a Halloween costume. I learned to golf and went a couple times with my grandpa. Lil and Dad also got a little sailboat to learn how to sail.

Cameron, Lil, and I.

We also spent a bunch of time hanging out with our cousins: bouncing on the trampoline, riding our bikes, visiting the neighbor’s miniature goats, etc. We actually took our cousin Cameron down to Wayne County with us in the RV because Lil had to deliver an apron to a friend who bought one off her store. Click to see her store. So we headed down for the weekend with Cameron and delivered the apron.

After we dropped off the apron we did a super cool, secret hike. You walk through the river that runs through the desert and slide down waterfalls as you go. I can’t tell you what the hike is called or where it is exactly because it’s amazing and almost no one goes there, so it’s not supposed to be on the internet.

On a lot of days, when we weren’t doing anything awesome, we would hang out at our grandparent’s house and Lil and I would watch our favorite shows on Netflix and bounce on the trampoline and go on bike rides and stuff like that.

Once I went on a Mountain Bike ride with my grandpa on a great  trail near his house. It was pretty easy for the most part but there was a huge gravelly downhill at the end. I got going pretty fast, and then because gravel is a jerk I got some speed wobbles and skidded down on my face instead of my bike, but that’s not the worst of it. My grandpa crashed into me and flipped over his handlebars. We’re both okay, but we did get some respectable roadrash.

Playing Uno

As you probably also know we launched our book, The Kid’s Guide to Life on The Road. And have been shamelessly promoting it for the last couple weeks. So click HERE to learn more. It has advice about RVing, Q&A from friends, and awesome stories about awesome things we’ve done.

We also went to the Timpanogos Storytelling Festival with some friends. The storytelling festival is pretty much just a big fairgrounds/garden on mount Timpanogos with lots of tents. People write stories and get up and tell them to crowds. There are scary stories at night and all kinds of stories during the day.

Alright, so that’s my summary of the last month or so. We’ve just been doing normal stuff mostly, but we’re headed to Albuquerque, New Mexico, and the Hot Air Balloon Fiesta, so expect some interesting content coming on TurtleTells.

3 thoughts on “Hanging Out in Utah”

  1. So glad that you had the grandparent time in Utah. The “respectable road rash” caught my eye, as well as, the storytelling festival. Years from now, you may be telling your children and grandchildren these stories. See you in ABQ. Do you know what a Balloon Fiesta “Zebra” is?

  2. I hope you have enjoyed your stay as much as we have enjoyed having you around. It is nice to know that with all of the traveling you have done, you can still enjoy small town coutry life. Thanks for the memories!!

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