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Traveling Turtle Tuesday: The Kid’s Guide

Hey everyone!! Thank you so much for buying our book! Shelldon got it for free (it’s one of the purks of being  the TurtleTells Turtle). Here he is,  thinking about his favorite part.

“We made friends with them [RV Retirees], and it was really fun to do our homework up there and pretty much spend the whole time talking and not getting anything done. One lady grew up with Jimmy Buffet! We got to be the moderators for the many debates over whether Kentucky is a southern state of not.” (By the way, it isn’t.)


(Buy the book above.)


I don’t know if you still read the blog, Mr. S., but if you do I want you to know that we have many fond memories of you. Thanks for being great!


2 thoughts on “Traveling Turtle Tuesday: The Kid’s Guide”

  1. I bet those retirees enjoyed you two as much as you did them. I love spending time with you two and all of your energy, your charm (yes, Gordon, you are charming too) and all of your craziness.

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