The Smoke circle sculpture

Devils Tower

When we were in North Dakota, we heard that our friends the Perry’s ( were going to be in Devils Tower, Wyoming. Since they were only three hours away, we decided to make the trip and meet them for the weekend. It was great. We went on the walk around the Tower, tubed in the river, watched Close Encounters of the Third Kind (which was filmed there) during a lightning storm, and had endless Nerf wars.

The KOA down the road from the national monument shows Close Encounters of the Third Kind every night on an outdoor TV screen. It’s a movie by Steven Spielberg about a guy who sees aliens and everyone thinks he’s crazy. He follows the clues the aliens gave him and ends up watching them land by Devils Tower. Marcus and I went with our dads to see it at about 8:00 pm. About halfway through, when the aliens start to land near the tower, a huge lightning storm broke out and everyone but us left. The lightning was so bright it looked like daylight and the alien spaceships were glowing as they landed. We were drenched, but we kept watching until a grumpy guy who worked there came and unplugged the TV and we had to leave. Driving back, we saw climbers halfway up the Tower dangling on their ropes in the storm.


IMG_3993 (1)
The hike around Devils Tower
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The Bellefourche river.

We found a way to go from the RV park we were staying at to the Belle Fourche river which was warm and shallow, perfect for tubing! We spent two days going up and down the river and building sand castles or having mud fights. We also got REALLY sunburned (my skin is still peeling a little), but it was so refreshing to tube down the river that the sunburn is totally worth it.

9 thoughts on “Devils Tower”

  1. It was amazing to be there with the Perrys! One of my favorite things about our group of travel friends is that people will detour to get together.

  2. Great way to spend time with yourDad. You are two adventure lovers for sure. Apparently the grumpy old guy doesn’t share your enthusiasm for lightening!

  3. Hi Gordon,
    You bring back great memories of our own family going to Devils Tower and watching “Close Encounters” in that campground many years ago. We had a great time but didn’t go tubing like you guys. You photos are beautiful!
    Liz & Jay

  4. It sounds like you had a little bit of a “close encounter” with the lightning – so surreal with the alien ships landing at that time. Glad that you weren’t the ones hanging from the ropes. (The lazy river sounds wonderful.)

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