New York City!

We went to New York City a couple weeks ago. We drove to the edge of New Jersey and parked the motor home in a Walmart parking lot. We were planning on going back to the last park we were at, so we left the car there. We parked late and went to bed right after dinner.

In the morning, at about 8:00, I woke up. I got out of bed and got dressed, then cleaned my room, brushed my teeth, and did my hair. By that time Gordon was getting up, and Mom had breakfast ready. We had decided not to leave until 10:30-ish, because traffic is so bad early in the morning. After we were all ready, Mom and I went to buy our bus tickets. We would be taking a bus, the Subway, and a cab that day. Finally, it was time to leave. On the bus Mom and Dad sat together, and Gordon and I sat a row up, to their left. Gordon was a little tired, because he always is in the mornings, but I was wide awake.

A Lego version of Rockefeller Center, as seen from above. (Photo Credit: Gordon)
A Lego version of Rockefeller Center, as seen from above. (Photo Credit: Gordon)

It took about 20 minutes to get into New York City, but when we did we were certainly there. Just a couple of blocks after we got off the bus, there was Time Square. Here’s a short interview with Gordon about it:

Me: What was your first impression of Time Square?
Gordon: It was just like “Boom!” You step off the train and there’s a bunch of buildings with lights on them, telling you to buy stuff.
Me: Did you like it at first?
Gordon: Yeah, of course! I thought it was awesome!
Me: What was your favorite part?
Gordon: Uh-uh. I can’t pick favorites. Not gonna happen.

As you can see, Gordon loved it. But at first I didn’t. Here’s kinda what my first impression was like:
“Oh. No. I do not like big crowds, I do not like all this noise, and I have to be here all day.”

Chinese singers in China Town
Chinese singers in China Town

Dad told Gordon and I to stick together and look around, so we went into the Toys R Us. It was huge, and I had to enjoy it. Besides, it wasn’t so crowded in there. We saw the Jurassic Park setup, with the big mechanical dinosaur, and the life-sized HotWheels car drivers. But best of all was the ferris wheel. The Toys R Us building is three stories tall. The ferris wheel goes from the ground on the bottom floor, through a hole in the second and third floor floors, and ends up by the ceiling of the third floor. Each of the cars is themed off a game, movie or TV show. There’s a Lego car, a Monopoly car, a My Little Pony car, a Toy Story car, a Scooby Doo car, a Barbie car, a Nickelodeon car… the list goes on. But I better continue.

I was still a little wary of this big city, but I was starting to have fun. I had been trying to absorb it all, like you would in a museum. I realized that if I just touched the surface, and didn’t worry about getting it all, I would have more fun. And that helped a lot.

Here are some of my favorite things that we saw:

Grand Central Station.
I loved it because of the old-fashioned architecture, and the constellations on the ceiling. Also because it’s in so many books and movies.
(I didn’t take any pictures, and I can’t put up pictures from the internet. But here are links to my two favorite pictures: Outside and Inside)

The Subway
We took the Subway twice. It didn’t jolt nearly so much as I expected, and it wasn’t very crowded either. I liked it.


Central Park
I think if I lived in New York I would like that there was a quiet, garden-y, place to get away from all the noise and bustle of the city.

Hell’s Kitchen
I don’t like food, so Hell’s Kitchen wasn’t really my thing. But it has a neat story behind it: It used to be the bad part of town, but now it’s really nice. It’s one of the most popular areas in New York to get food!

The Apple Store
For those of you who didn’t know, Gordon is a huge Apple fan. And I mean HUGE! So he seriously loved going to the Apple Store, the most photographed building in the world. I don’t really care about anything phone/computer/iPad/etc. related, but it was cool to see the store. It’s an underground building, and there are spiral stairs going down. There’s also a glass elevator going through the middle.


The Statue of Liberty
We didn’t go out on a boat, but we saw the Statue of Liberty from a little place on Manhattan Island. I don’t know what the area is called, but it was cool.

The Brooklyn Bridge
We walked across the Brooklyn Bridge! It was super cool, and one of my very favorite sites. There were little locks all over the walking part of the bridge, with names on them. People come out with friends and write their names on a lock, and then lock it onto the bridge. It looks really pretty in some parts. There are people who set up shop there, and sell selfie sticks and locks.

Some of the locks on the Brooklyn Bridge
Some of the locks on the Brooklyn Bridge

The Cab
We took a cab through the city to the bus stop, because it was late and we were tired. It was really nice, and there was even a TV (Which I turned off so that I wouldn’t be distracted from the city).



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  1. Very well written! I agree with you Lillian on all the noise but I still want to take Anna and Gunnar to visit New York soon!

  2. Thanks for “walking” me through New York City. Central Park has to be a special place for people who live in a world of concrete. You gave a great tour.

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