Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Delaware

We’ve been super busy these past weeks, and we will be for months! There are so many things to post about, and so little time! So we will be posting digests: lots of little paragraphs about lots of different things, all in one post.  So here’s mine:

Time With Friends in Maryland 
Last year in Kentucky we met some great friends:  Anna and Gunnar. We had a lot of fun with them, and we even spent Thanksgiving and Christmas together! But this spring they moved to Maryland, So we made plans to meet up and stay at the Dickerson’s house for a few days.
The new house had a porch with about 15 steps leading up to it. This made it the ideal base for games. We played one game where there were 2 people guarding the base (armed with swords), and 2 people attacking the base, and trying to get up (also armed with swords). It was really fun.
Gordon and Anna are both really good on a pogo stick, and Gunnar and I are okay at it. So he and I had a competition to get to Anna’s high-score first. It was 83. Neither of us got to it, but I got to 55, and Gunnar got to 50. I was amazed, at myself and him.
Another game we love to play with the Dickersons is Hide-&-Seek tag. We played it both outside and in.

Going to Delaware
While we were with our friends we went to Wilmington, Delaware. We left at about 10 o’clock in the morning, and drove for 80 miles. When we got there we saw a monument in a park. It was a statue of Caesar Rodney, the first man to cast his vote that Delaware should be a state.
We also went on a long river-side walk. At the end there was a nature center, and they let us use nets and try to find things in the lake. It ran in from the ocean, but it was fresh water by the time it got there. I caught a teeny-tiny fish, then 3 snails. After that I got a flathead with its head bitten off, and a 2-inch-long clam! We identified what was found after we were done, and then we looked at some other animals and walked back to the car.

Amish Country in Pennsylvania
A few weeks ago we went to Lancaster County, PA. More Amish live in Lancaster than anywhere else in the world.  There were a lot of buggies there. (Little metal carts pulled by horses that the Amish drive) We went to an Amish farmer’s market, too. They had really good apple cider, and really good popcorn.

Hershey, Pennsylvania
We also went to Hershey Pennsylvania, were Milton Hershey grew up and invented the Hershey bar. There is a big place called Hershey World, with a fake factory inside it. There is a moving floor going through the factory, with rollar-coaster-style cars going through. There is a recorded voice that talks about how the Hershey bar is made. When you get off the ride they give you a mini KitKat.
There is also a giant gift shop that is almost like a mall, all for Hershey-related items.

But Milton Hershey did other great things. He and his wife couldn’t have children, so they started an orphanage for boys. That eventually grew into a school, and got larger and larger. After Hershey died, he gave all of his money to the school. MHS, as the school is called, is still going. It takes girls now, and not only orphans but any kids in bad circumstances. There are people called “House Parents” who take care of about ten kids in a house near the school. Thirty percent of Hershey’s profits are still given to MHS yearly, and they give to local churches as well.

5 thoughts on “Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Delaware”

  1. It was interesting to learn about the school/orphanage. It’s good to know that the “Hershey wealth” is shared to make children’s lives better. A reason to buy more HERSHEY CHOCOLATE!!

  2. You have been busy! We’ve enjoyed your New York adventures as well. Let Gordon know we keep trying to buy his e-book, but may have to wait until we are together to get it done.

  3. Liz,
    I’m so happy to see you still following the kids’ blog. They really enjoy hearing from you. We’ve been to Boys Town, and MHS reminded us of that, exactly. Stay safe in this tornado season. If we come through Nebraska again, we will certainly look you up.

  4. Did Hershey, PA smell like chocolate? My husband thinks it does. He has a strong sense of smell or a good imagination. :) I didn’t know about the orphanage and school founded by Mr. Hershey. It reminds me of Boys Town here in Omaha, founded by Fr. Flanagan. Perhaps you will come here some day and we will visit Boys Town with you. We also have a fabulous zoo, one of the best in the world.

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