Paddling the Keys

Last week Mom and I went out in the canoe, and we saw some amazing things.

We’re staying at Sunshine Key RV resort (It’s really Ohio Key),  and so there’s a marina in the park where you can put your boat in the water.  On the west side of Bahia Honda there is a lot of sea grass and the water is really shallow. There are sandy places there, too. I had brought my snorkel.  I leaned over the boat and put my face in. There were little corals that looked like golf-ball sized brain coral, but they were bright orange! Three times Mom called me out of the water to see  sharks, but I missed it every time. There were no fish, not even any jellies. I have to admit I was disappointed.
Screenshot 2015-02-02 at 10.57.47 AM

We were heading back. There was going to be a meet and greet at the pool for the new families, and we had said we would be there. I started singing “I am a Thoughtful Guy,” one of my favorite Rhett and Link songs, when all of a sudden…
“I think about if- Woah!”

There was a weirdly shaped rock on the bottom of the water, and I knew it wasn’t just a rock. We hurried back to it, and saw that it was a Queen Conch. A Queen Conch! They’re endangered, and a little bit uncommon. It was huge, too! About a foot and a half! We saw its shiny opening side. We could even see its eyes! It turned itself over and the other side was covered in dirt as a disguise.

When we finally tore ourselves away, there was a stingray! I saw one more on the way home, and Mom saw a leopard ray! What a great day!

9 thoughts on “Paddling the Keys”

  1. Enjoyed your post. I need to research conchs.
    I assume the Queen Conch is protected because “she” is female?
    We’ve eaten conch before, especially in the Bahamas….is that OK?
    Thanks for sharing, and keep up the good writing.

  2. What an adventure for the girls! To experience all of that( sharks, stingrays, a queen conch,…) in one afternoon! Most of us haven’t had that experience in a lifetime. Wow!

  3. Hi Lillian! Enjoyed your blog! The water looks beautiful. We are having cold(16 degrees right now), snowy weather here in PA. Cali & Marcus’ Gram

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