The Winner!

We’ve been busy for a while here at Miles of Smiles Foundation.  We had a major project going. We’ll share all about it next week.

In the meantime, we were having a contest. If you told a friend about TurtleTells, you could comment and tell us, and then you would be entered. And today we’re going to tell you who won the drawing.  Here goes…

Congratulations to Vagabond Gentleman, a Mysterious Traveler and Instagrammer! (Link to his Instagram here.)

We Were On Family Adventure Podcast

rsz_turtle_tells-2A while back Lillian and I were interviewed by Erik from Family Adventure Podcast. The podcast has just been released on iTunes, Stitcher, and his website, Family Adventure Podcast.

Erik and his family have been adventuring too, sailing around the world in a boat. Now they are in-between adventures and are doing a podcast.

They are quite known in the world of family adventures (1500 Twitter followers), and it was a lot of fun do the interview. It’s exciting to see it go out to thousands of listeners!

We did the interview over Skype in a private room in the the library. Erik and his daughter Emma interviewed Lil and I about our travels and adventures, and we talked about theirs too!

So what are you waiting for? Go download the podcast! Visit their website! Thanks-GD



Gordon Has a New eBook Out!

I, Gordon, after taking my trusty typewriter to a log cabin in the woods, being held hostage by a crazy lady, fending off herds of wolves, and running out of Hot Pockets, have written a book about loggerhead turtles and am proud to release it to you, The Life of a Loggerhead: a Story, a Game, and a Recipe.

Remember when you read my post about the Marathon Key Turtle Hospital Well, good, because that post was the inspiration (along with suggestions from the crazy lady in the woods) to write what is now known as  the funnest book about turtles ever, so go ahead and buy that book!

If you want to preview or buy the book, all you have to do is click on the cover image below! Just click on it!

You can also click HERE.

Pros and Cons of Visiting in the Off Season

As all travelers know, sometimes it’s great to stay in a cool place in the off season. But what’s the down side?

Sometimes you just hang out.
Sometimes you just hang out.

• It costs less to stay.
• It isn’t so crowded.
• You meet turtles like Shelldon, who usually stay out of view.
• The camp store is always stocked.
• The WiFi is better.

• Amenities may or may not be open.
• Cool things to see may or may not be open.
• It might be too hot/cold to do some stuff.
• It’s very unlikely for you to meet new friends.

Traveling Turtle Tuesday: Catman Giveaway!

Happy Traveling Turtle Tuesday!
Today Shelldon went to watch the sunset in Mallory Square, Key West! He just saw the world-famous Cat Man, and wonders…

Who wants a FREE CAT MAN BUMPER STICKER?  That’s right. We’re giving away an authentic Cat Man bumper sticker.
He handed it to me. (Well, he handed it to Cali. He’s kind of scary and I was a little creeped out.)

Here’s all you have to do:
1. Tell a friend about TurtleTells.
2. Comment on this post and say “I told a friend!”
3. Your name will be entered in a drawing. If your friend comments they will also be entered.
Next TTT I will announce the winner!
5. Good Luck! And here’s your weekly dose of Shelldon! -Lillian

Screenshot 2015-02-03 at 11.51.13 AM

Paddling the Keys

Last week Mom and I went out in the canoe, and we saw some amazing things.

We’re staying at Sunshine Key RV resort (It’s really Ohio Key),  and so there’s a marina in the park where you can put your boat in the water.  On the west side of Bahia Honda there is a lot of sea grass and the water is really shallow. There are sandy places there, too. I had brought my snorkel.  I leaned over the boat and put my face in. There were little corals that looked like golf-ball sized brain coral, but they were bright orange! Three times Mom called me out of the water to see  sharks, but I missed it every time. There were no fish, not even any jellies. I have to admit I was disappointed.
Screenshot 2015-02-02 at 10.57.47 AM

We were heading back. There was going to be a meet and greet at the pool for the new families, and we had said we would be there. I started singing “I am a Thoughtful Guy,” one of my favorite Rhett and Link songs, when all of a sudden…
“I think about if- Woah!”

There was a weirdly shaped rock on the bottom of the water, and I knew it wasn’t just a rock. We hurried back to it, and saw that it was a Queen Conch. A Queen Conch! They’re endangered, and a little bit uncommon. It was huge, too! About a foot and a half! We saw its shiny opening side. We could even see its eyes! It turned itself over and the other side was covered in dirt as a disguise.

When we finally tore ourselves away, there was a stingray! I saw one more on the way home, and Mom saw a leopard ray! What a great day!