Meet Shelldon!

This is Shelldon’s bio.You can see it larger on the About Us page.

Shelldon the Turtle is our new mascot.

He is a fun guy with a motor home for a shell, who travels, and brings his house with him wherever he goes, just like us! We met in Chesapeake Bay, where he was enjoying the beach of the Piankatank River. Last week he agreed to be our mascot.

Here is an interview with him:

Me: Hello Shelldon. It’s nice to meet you.
Shelldon: You, too. Thanks for inviting me today.
Me: I heard that you’ve been traveling for a while, now. But where are you originally from?
Shelldon: Well, I’m from a little lake in Myrtle Beach. There’s an RV park called Pirate Land, with two ponds in it, and it really was a nice place to live. There where plenty of fish to eat, and it was right by the beach.
Me: I’ve been there! It is nice. So, why did you decide to leave?
Shelldon: I just wanted to see the world. Life was good in my pond, but I saw and did the same things every day. I wanted a change.
Me: Okay, I get that. People say that turtles travel slow. Is that true?
Shelldon: Not for me! I’m fast! But travel days are long. I have to stop every four miles to re-fuel, since I get such bad gas mileage, and I can only hold half a tank of gas.
Me: Oh, that’s too bad. We have bad gas mileage, too. I understand that you will be sending us pictures of yourself in different places?
Shelldon: Yes, I will. On Traveling Turtle Tuesday I”ll send in a picture for you to post.
Me: Great! I’m sure exited to see. Thanks for talking to me.
Shelldon: It’s been fun.

What we Study

As many of you know, we have home-schooled for about four years, now. But our school routine has changed along with our lifestyle. I know that some of you are considering full-time RVing, and I though you all might like to know what it is that we study. So here goes:

We study a number of subjects, but many of them are quick. We begin every morning with a Bible DVD, (We all love Buck Denver and Ken Ham), while we eat our breakfast, which usually consists of a chocolate-banana shake and gluten-free toast. (Or for Gordon, a shake and a bagel.) After our video, we discuss it a little, and then move on to math. We use an Amish math curriculum called “Mathematics for Christian Living,” published by Rod & Staff. Gordon and I both use the fifth grade book, and we will move on to sixth soon. Right now we are studying basic geometry.
We have studied Latin for three years, I think, and we have used the Memoria Press curriculum the whole time. Those are our big subjects. On most days we spend half-an-hour on Bible, half-an-hour on Math, and half-an-hour on Latin. One of our smaller subjects is Anatomy, for which we use the Harper&Row Anatomy Coloring Book to color bones, muscles, and stuff like that. We also use an app game called “Whack a Bone,” to learn the names of major bones. (Available on the App Store). Another smaller subject is history. We use “The Story of the World,” along with other things that relate to the time period we’re talking about. Right now we’re studying William Shakespeare, and we have a finger puppet theater set with a bunch of his characters and parts of Shakespeare’s plays to reenact with the finger puppets.
And of course, we blog. This is the biggest subject, but I don’t really count it as a school subject because it’s so fun and exiting to learn how to do new things, and it’s also fun to make new posts. I hope you have enjoyed this one.

Behind the Scenes of the Re-Launch

As you know, we were working hard for the re-launch on December 1st. Playing with color schemes, redoing our header, even changing our theme completely! You might be wondering what this is like, so I’m here to show you.  Just imagine with me for a minute.

You wake up and do your schoolwork, and then it’s off to the blog. First thing’s first, there’s a business meeting where you discuss what needs to be done today, and what looks best. You choose something that sounds fun to you. Whether you’ve picked slider research, video editing, bios, or sidebar additions, you need ether a computer or an iPad. Certain things are easier on certain devices, so you work out who can use what with your sibling, and get to work.

The dashboard of TurtleTells.

I found an easy YouTube video, so I learned how to put quotes on the right sidebar, and did it. I love making  photo collages, so I’ve played with bios and added cool pictures to the right sidebar. I really liked the idea of a slider, so I learned how to make it! It’s really exiting and fun to make so many changes to the blog. So much so, that I usually got back to work after the assigned work time and beach break we took every day.