A Travel Article on Wand’rly

You might know of Wand’rly Magazine. It’s a great website where a travelin’ family writes and has other people write about life on the road. You might want to check it out. But guess what! This month

Mom wrote an article for Wand’rly, and Gordon wrote in it, too. It is called
RVHS: a Roadschooling Community.  This great work describes life on the road, and meeting up with friends. You can read it here.

Th RVHS community.
The article on Wand’rly.

7 thoughts on “A Travel Article on Wand’rly”

  1. Loved the article. I am up this morning before everyone and got a chance to read the article. Wonderful. Loved reading your perspective from on the road. Love the new website. Hope I win the ornament. :)

    1. hey MRS Jolly im glad you like it! its a lot of fun to see you guys commenting so much and you know we really appreciate it! -gordon 😉

  2. Enjoyed your post Lillian. I saw the article your Mom and Gordon wrote on FB earlier today. Really enjoyed reading that too. You may be know as The Dumas’ Writers!

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