Halloween at Chesapeake Bay

Photos by Mike Burrell

Every year in Chesapeake, there is a Halloween party hosted by the park. Of course, Cali, Emma, and I all made our costumes. Molly’s mom had made her costume. Cali was a witch, Emma was Elsa,  I was Belle (in her blue town dress). At 4:30, all of us RVHS kids gathered at the Burrell’s house for a group photo. Then we set out to trick-or-treat. All of us had pillowcases, and we had had a pillowcase decorating party a couple of days before. There were a lot of RVs to trick-or-treat at. In fact, every single site was full! Two hours later, our feet ached and we dragged our heavy candy bags on the ground. We were glad that it was time to go home, and we gathered at the Burrells’ house to trade.

All the RVHS kids in costume.

After a while everyone decided to go to the haunted houses set up around the park. Emma, Cali, and I went to the first one (which wasn’t scary), but then Emma went home and Cali and I stayed at the clubhouse. Our parents were there, and there was a dance. We tried to do each line dance, copying people around us, until we had memorized one or two, and were able to copy nearly everything. It was really fun. After a while, Emma joined us for a bit, and then went home again. Cali and I danced till ten o’ clock, when the party stopped. Then we went home exhausted, ready for a good night’s sleep.
– Lillian.

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  1. This sound like the best Halloween yet! How lucky you and G have been to spend the whole time with friends. You girls did a terrific job on your costumes!!!

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