A Day In My Life: Chesapeake Meetup

Left to right, Cali, Molly, Zoe, Emma, and I.
Left to right, Cali, Molly, Zoe, Emma, and me.
Here we are playing Bingo. Photo by Mike Burrell
Trick-or-Treating Photo by Mike Burrell

Every year in October there is a travel meetup in Chesapeake Bay, Virginia. This year we went, and almost all of our travel friends went, too! I’m going to give you an idea of what my life is like at the Chesapeake Meetup.

I’m in Chesapeake Bay. I just got here yesterday, after a long day of travel. As soon as I’m awake, I hurry and get ready for the day, and begin on my school work.

Once I’m done, I run outside and to gather up my friends, and we all go up to the playground for a little while to swing or play “Groundies,” a game in which everybody races to the top of the playground, and the last one up is it. The person who is it has to go to the ground, and then try to tag someone else. They can go on the playground, but they have to have their eyes closed. If you are it, and you’re on the playground, you can yell “Groundies!”, and if there’s someone on the ground at that moment, they’re it. If not, you keep going and try to tag someone. There is a great playground here at Chesapeake, and so we play Groundies a lot.

I go home and eat lunch after a while, and so do all my friends, and by the time we are done there’s usually an activity. We tie-dye T-shirts, color scarecrows, play RVHS bingo, carve pumpkins, make glow-in-the-dark lanterns, or practice Pickleball. The kids usually all play together for the rest of the day, sometimes Capture the Flag, sometimes Groundies, or just swinging.

We eat dinner, and then in the evenings there is the nightly adult Pickleball, and all of the kids play Infected at the playground and mini-golf course. Marcus and Cali Perry, and Gordon and I, are usually on a team, and at least one of us almost always wins! Once our parents are done playing Pickleball we go home and take showers, and go to bed to get some rest for the next day.

Star Wars Commander

photo (1)
My Base

While traveling on the road it can be hard to have fun on  those long driving days, so that’s why there are video games! I play mostly on my iPad because I like strategy games and stuff like that, so here is one of the games I got most recently and why I like it so much.

Star Wars Commander is a strategy/action game where you can choose either to side with the Empire or the Republic (so of course, I chose the Empire). You can build up your base and go to battle against other players (or do the campaign mode on single player against Sand People). I play on it with some of my RV friends, and we have a lot of fun with it. It is a Disney game that is free on the Apple App Store (and Google Play), and it is a lot of fun to play. -gordon

Historic Jamestown Settlement

on the Susan Constant
weaving at the indian village

Okay so I’m a little bit late writing about this but here we go. Jamestown was among the first settlements in America and the first successful one. It was settled purely for the profit of farming tobacco, looking for gold and silver, and trading with the natives It was paid for by the Virginia company, a company looking only to make a quick buck in this new world (and claim some land for England). The three ships that came to Jamestown from England were called the Susan Constant, the Discovery, and last but not least the Godspeed. They were led by captain Christopher Newport who was a privateer (a legal pirate who attacked Spanish ships for the queen of England) and had only one arm (privateering is dangerous). He helped lead the colony until 1607 when he got shipwrecked in Bantam (Java) and died there. After a while the settlement still hadn’t turned a profit so the Virginia company was dissolved but the settlers who now were bringing women in were making their own tools and growing their own food and the colony survived.

We had fun going on the reproduction ships and Indian village and the reenactors were great. There was also a reproduction of the james fort which i liked a lot. There were cannons and muskets that they did demos on and there were a lot of cool things to do, overall this was one of the best historical places we’ve ever been to. -gordon