Grammy and Grandpa’s Visit


With Grammy and Grandpa at The Mellow Mushroom, an Asheville pizza place.


On August 6th Grammy and Grandpa came for a week-long visit. We hadn’t seen them for over a year, and it was great to hang out again. Gordon and I stayed at their hotel for all 6 nights. The night that they got here it was pretty late, so we didn’t do anything, but the next few nights we went to
* Farm Burger.
* Lab Brewery.
* Jack of the Wood.
* The Wok.
* Oyster Shack.
* The Thirsty Monk.
* Mayfel’s.
* Mellow Mushroom.
* French Broad Chocolate Lounge.
* Double D’s Coffee Bus.
* Kilwin’s Ice Cream.
and Trader Joe’s, for picnic food.

One day we decided to go to Graveyard Fields. It’s a hike to waterfalls that you can wade in… and slide down. It was really fun and we saw our friends Stephanie and Maya, who we met last summer and who live here in Asheville now. We even got Grammy to wade a bit with us. The water was COLD, but it was fun.PhotoGrid_1408031995499

It was really fun to hang out with Grammy and Grandpa after not seeing them for so long. Grammy’s birthday was on August 4th, so we brought her to the French Broad Chocolate Lounge to celebrate. PhotoGrid_1408032955029

Post: -Lillian.
Photo Art: -Lillian.

An Unexpected Interview

Taken by Paul G. Clark the photographer
Getting interviewed

When we went downtown to get some coffee and run a few errands in Asheville, we did not expect to get interviewed by a photographer from the Citizen-Times. He was on a downtown shoot by the interactive Before I Die chalk board. We were asked about our traveling and the things we wanted to do before we die. (Mine was eat 1000 hot wings.) It was very cool to be interviewed even if we don’t make it into the news.