Sunday school with Jimmy Carter.

Mom, Dad, Gordon, and me with Mr. and Mrs. Carter.

We went to Sunday school with President Jimmy Carter. Pretty cool, huh? In his hometown, Plains Georgia, Jimmy Carter teaches a Sunday school class every few weeks. He uses this as a kind of ministry, because people come to church who have never even been to church before and who certainly aren’t Christians. They come to see Jimmy Carter, but end up hearing the gospel, too. Mr. and Mrs. Carter are very nice. They took a picture with us after church.



Us with Greg and Karen

IMAG1772 Hollywood Studios is a Disney park themed like old Hollywood and is home to some rides almost as famous as the stars in real Hollywood. TIMAG1774here’s Rockin’ Roller Coaster,the Tower of Terror, and one of my favorites, Star Tours (I did them all, of course). Plus, there are lots of shops to enjoy and plenty of shows starring your favorite Disney characters. We went with some friends, Greg and Karen. Greg works for Disney. He is an electrician there. He maintains some  of their animatronic characters to keep them in shape he also does underwater repairs on the attractions. by Gordon.

One year anniversary of traveling.

Beauty and the Beast!!


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Driving into Magic Kingdom
Disney world.
I had to play with this picture a lot, but it turned out pretty magical.

April 1, 2014 was our one year point since leaving South Jordan and traveling. To celebrate this we went to… Disney world!! We went to the Magic Kingdom Park. We went with some new friends, Greg and Karen. Greg works at Disney, fixing characters and scuba-diving to do underwater repairs. This is where Cinderella’s Castle is. It’s also where “It’s a Small World” is. When we got there we did “The adventures of Winnie The Pooh” very first. You might think that that would be baby-ish, but really it was great. You go through the story about Piglet getting trapped in the flood, then into Pooh Bear’s dream about “hunny”. It is very well done. At “It’s a Small World” we saw the beautiful dolls from all over the world sing, and at the end, all of them dressed in white, they sang happily together.  We also did these classics: Dumbo, Mad tea party, Pirates of the Caribbean, Space Mountain, and The Haunted Mansion. One of my very favorite things was the fantasy parade, where all of the Disney Princesses come down the street in giant, amazing floats. These floats where so amazing that I can’t describe them, so I will have to let the pictures tell all. – Lillian

Elsa and Anna, from Frozen!!
Elsa and Anna, from Frozen!!


Magic kingdom is a theme park created by Walt Disney and is home to Minnie and Mickey mouse and also many other Disney characters. There are rides and shows and all kinds of games and activities of all sorts. The rides consist of everything from the sentimental and picturesque boat ride “Small World” to the new action packed shoot ‘em up game ride Buzz Lightyear. The shows were also great; some of my favorites were the Tiki show where birds come to life and sing fun songs to Hawaiian music, the Philharmagic orchestra where Donald Duck goes through some of the classic Disney movies and last but not least the laugh floor where great comedians and high tech visual effects make Mike Wazowskie and his Monsters University friends come to life in a top notch comedy show. All in all Magic Kingdom is one of my favorite theme parks I have ever been to. Here are some pics.IMG_3895 IMG_3906 IMG_3904 IMG_3881 IMG_3889 IMG_3870     by Gordon