Tenth Birthday with a Manatee Delight.


As most of you know, for my tenth birthday  Mom, Dad, Gordon, and I went snorkeling with manatees. It was the best thing I could ask for. I absolutely adore manatees, and they are cute and gentle.The other name for a manatee is a sea-cow, probably because they are so big. But they are more like sea-puppies. Or sea-potatoes. They love to play and get pet. It is hard to do justice to the manatee’s cuteness with words, so pay attention to the picture above. – Lillian

A Ranch in Southern Florida.

drawing horses
Working on a drawing of Marshall

In Fort Myers we stayed at a ranch. It is owned by some family friends and it is called The Miles Of Smiles ranch. It was really cool. They do Equine Assisted Therapy for Vietnam Veterans.

We met the horses, Zip and Marshall. I even got to help give Marshall a bath. Zip is more social, and is always trying to get all the food, including Marshall’s. He used to be a show horse. Zip is seven years old. Marshall is a quiet thirteen-year-old horse. He knows that Zip is the boss, and rolls with it. He also knows that if there is food involved, to stand back and let Zip have the first share, or Zip will bite Marshall. We stayed there for two weeks. – Lillian