Wycliffe Bible Translators.

Yesterday we went to Wycliffe Bible Translators. It’s really cool. They taught us all about how they translate Bibles into different languages and how hard it is. First we watched a video where we learned that there are 7,000 languages in the world, and 2,000 languages without Bibles. We also learned that the group was named after John Wycliffe, the first man to translate the Bible into English. After the video we went to a room where we learned about the geography of Mexico, then about the Mexican alphabet, after that about Mexican clothing, and finally about Mexican instruments. What does this have to do with translating the Bible? Well, I’ll tell you. There are lots of languages in Mexico that don’t have Bibles and Wycliffe Bible translators are trying to make Bibles and music in those people’s heart language; the language that they dream and think in. After the Mexico room we watched another video and then did a scavenger hunt in the museum to wrap it all up. – Lillian


LEGOLAND; rides, rides, and more rides.

FtFs at Legoland

At LEGOLAND FL, there are lots of rides. My favorite is Flying School. In Flying School, you ride underneath the track with your legs dangling. It’s pretty tall and even goes over the roof in one part. Another one that I really like is the classic Dragon. In the Dragon, you twirl around corners, and it’s just like any other roller coaster. there was one that Gordon went on that I didn’t called the Coastersaurus. It’s a big wooden one with one huge bump at the start. I can’t stand wooden roller coasters. Then there’s a super scary metal one called Project X, with such a big drop that if they didn’t strap you in, you would go flying out.  Anyway, that’ll give you a small taste of LEGOLAND fun. – Lillian