The palm tree parts.

IMG_3637We have been studying  palm trees a lot because we are in palm tree land (A.K.A. Florida) I am going to show and explain diagrams of palm trees and their different parts.
The picture on the left is a palm part diagram that I drew for a single trunk pinnate. Pinnate means feather-leafed. Single trunk refers to there being only one trunk. Some trees have up to three trunks. Anyway, first we have the trunk. This kind is called a clear, or smooth trunk because of its smoothness. On the diagram, you will notice that there are marks along the trunk. Those are called leaf scars. They come from the old leaves breaking off and then leaving scars. The new leaves grow out of the middle, or heart, of the crown shaft which is edible. That pushes the old leaves out to the sides, to make room for new shoots. At the top of the trunk is the crown shaft. That’s where the new shoots grow from.
– Lillian.

How Palms Live

Palm trees are famous for being by the beach or on a desert island but do you ever wonder how they survive at high tide when the water hits their trunks, or how they get fertilized when in such dry useless sand? I’ll answer all these questions and more in THE PALM TREE POST!!!!
Palm trees are a very diverse species of tree. The name “palm” comes from the Latin palmetto which means palm. Now onto the cool stuff: the Sabal and coconut palms have very sleek trunks allowing the salt water to wash up and not even hurt them. As for fertilizer they suck out minerals from dry [not dead] branches. The Sabal palm can even stand lows of 10 degrees F. Palms can also be used for food; the coconut palm for instance gives coconuts and heart of palm to eat. In conclusion, the palm is a pretty cool tree. -Gordon


Showcase Of Citrus


This is a huge tourist hot spot. It’s a giant orchard with all kinds of different citrus fruits such as oranges, clementines, kumquats, key limes, tangerines, pomelos, and varieties of each, like pink oranges, Valencia oranges, and honey tangerines.

We went with some friends from the RV park. First, we looked at a giant fiberglass shark hanging from a pole like it had just been caught. (But totally random, right? ‘Cause it’s not by the ocean.) Then we went to the store and checked out the samples of honey, grapefruits, and orangefruits. Next, we went and grabbed these things that were like circular rakes to help us pick oranges so we could reach them in the high trees. We walked around the orchard and picked bags full of fruit, including a thousand sour kumquats for Mom. (She’s a kumquat lover.) Finally, we checked out and got candy and orange smoothies, then went out on the pier and spotted a fake alligator floating around on the lake.

I thought it was one of the best put-together and funnest to walk around attractions in Florida that I’ve seen yet.IMAG1455

Mission San Luis

the tiny speck in the distance is Lillian.
blacksmith shop


You are an Appalachee Indian in Florida in the 1600s. You wake up every morning in Mission San Luis and you stroll down the street to the well to get some water. Then you come back and make breakfast. You do this every morning, every day.

In the mission, everyone gets along no matter if they are Catholic or not. The Appalachee live in volcano-shaped straw houses, and the Spanish live in more standard houses with thatched roofs and bedrooms.

One morning the bell rings and the news spreads through the mission that THE BRITTISH ARE COMING TOMORROW PACK YOUR THINGS AND GO. THE MISSION IS TO BE EVACUATED AND BURNED A.S.A.P. You pack and go as your Spanish comrades set fire to the mission and follow. You don’t know why the Spanish and British can’t live in harmony, but you’re pretty sure it’s just about getting more land for their kings. The Spanish have told you about the Bible and the Catholic church, and that is why they are here, but also you wonder if they want to take over the British colonies as well.

Ice Storm

IMG_3589 - CopyWe just had an ice storm!! As soon as I woke up I got ready and went out to see what had happened. EVERYTHING was coated with ice and had icicles dangling from it. It’s really amazing and beautiful. Later, Gordon and I had to scrape ice off of the motorhome so that if we needed to we would be able to move it.

THE ICE STORM by Lillian.
A cold, ice coated berry,
A frozen petal white,
There’s lots of sun and merry
The day will be.
And bright.
These pretty things will melt away,
So I’d better go out and play,
And work. And work. And wonder why,
This pretty world, the bright blue sky,
Can seem so menacing at times.
Is it too big for us perhaps?
Are well meant blessings evil traps?
Now back on subject,
Back on track,
I’ve found the prettiest thing at last,
A tall-ish tree that is real vast,
That’s coated with, say, not quite ice,
But something that is awfully nice,
It is like ice but more like magic,
Ice seems something far too tragic,
For a world that is so pretty.
Oh my goodness, what a pity!!
Now I really have to go,
Say farewell and we’ll bow low,IMG_3592 - Copy
Goodbye. – Lillian.