Maker’s Mark distillery tour

bottling machine
mash tub
grains used to make bourbon
mash tub

IMG_3506 IMG_3514 Lately we have been learning how things are made. We have been to a milk producing plant in Utah. In Oregon, we got to see them produce wool blankets at the Pendleton Woolen Mill. Yesterday, we saw how bourbon was made at the Maker’s Mark distillery. So this is how bourbon is made: first they take the grains wheat or barley and a minimum of 51% corn. They smash them all up and mix them all up in water. This is called mash sometimes they take some extra mash that has already fermented and mix it up too. Then they add yeast. They drain out all the liquid & feed the mash to the cows then they put the liquid in fresh charred American oak barrels for aging. During that time it gains color and flavor from the wood. They age for a while. The longer they age the more color and flavor they get. The goal with bourbon is not to age it but to mature it. After its matured enough they usually dilute it with water. When the bourbon is ready to sell they put it through the bottling plant. They put labels on the bottles and dip them in red wax. The barrels cant be used for bourbon¬† any more so they tend to get sold to the scotch whiskey and Tabasco industries.