The creation museum.

the Lucy monkey.

You probably know by now that we left Hatteras island . This post is about something we went to a couple weeks ago: The Creation Museum. It is a huge museum full of good, sound, evidence for Christianity over evolution.

They have a whole room about Lucy, the skeleton that evolutionists claim to be a missing link between humans and apes. Actually, the skeleton is like the skeleton of an orangutang. They have an orangutang model with fur on it and there is a hologram there so you can see how Lucy’s bones fit in some spots. A Lucy skeleton replica is right by there so that you can compare the bones. [ By the way, in just about every evolution museum there is a large space between Lucy’s leg bones on one side, even though there are a lot of reasons for it to be higher up. They do that so that it’s long enough for it to look like a human leg.]

Now, that part that I just described is only one corner of one room. But even though the museum is big, every bit is still crammed. – Lillian.

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