International Expo

Campbellsville College hosted an International Expo where you can sample foods from around the world such as: green tea pudding(Japan), rice pudding (Bangladesh), bubble tea (Taiwan), and sushi ( Korean Chinese ). I thought the Canadians did not put in enough effort, and the Korean Chinese did best; you may be wondering what Korean Chinese is’ so I will tell you. It is a Korean group of people that live in China therefore earning the name Korean Chinese. Anyway,IMAG1141 IMAG1137(1) here are some pictures.

pudding cake
pudding cake
Korean Chinese food


Campbellsville Fire and Police Dept.

tell it to the judge


fire truck ladders
dang it, ruined my shot
police cruiser


We went to the police and fire department with our friends and their homeschool group, so now we have some interesting info about cops, fire fighters, and very big red trucks.
1 These firefighters are not volunteers. They are paid and live in dorms upstairs of the actual fire station.
2 Not all fire trucks have ladders on top; some have ladders stashed in compartments on the back of the truck.
3 Firefighter Olympics are held yearly, and they have competitions for best fire department.

Many mini mollusks.

When we where in Hatteras, we found lots of shells from creatures called mollusks. There are seven kinds of mollusks, including bivalves, snails, cephalopods, gastropods, tooth shells, chitons, monoplachophora, and aplachophora. but we only found bivalves and snails, and I was only able to get information about snails for this blog post.Her are my fun facts:
:) The Giant Triton is the biggest snail and can grow up to forty centimeters. :) As a snail grows it adds more coils to it’s shell and the upper body becomes twisted. :) Many snails have snorkel-like extensions on their shells that suck in clean water for breathing. :) All snails have a round section of shell called an operculum that is used for keeping dirt out of the body and protecting it. :) Periwinkle snails are edible. [ not the shells, but the periwinkles themselves.] :) The pelican’s foot snail has a long proboscis to rummage through muddy gravel for food.
So now you see how cool mollusks are.  – Lillian.

Old Kentucky

I do my own illustrations

Kentucky? yep and its actually way cooler than you think. Here’s proof:
ale-8-1 is the only existing soda invented in Kentucky, the bloodiest civil var battle was fought here, Daniel Boone lived here, bubble gum was invented here and best of all corvettes are manufactured only in bowling green Kentucky.  Now that I’ve grasped your attention let me tell you a little more about Kentucky. Kentucky became a state on June 1 1972 and was part of Virginia until it became the fifteenth state (and one of the coolest) in America.

The creation museum.

the Lucy monkey.

You probably know by now that we left Hatteras island . This post is about something we went to a couple weeks ago: The Creation Museum. It is a huge museum full of good, sound, evidence for Christianity over evolution.

They have a whole room about Lucy, the skeleton that evolutionists claim to be a missing link between humans and apes. Actually, the skeleton is like the skeleton of an orangutang. They have an orangutang model with fur on it and there is a hologram there so you can see how Lucy’s bones fit in some spots. A Lucy skeleton replica is right by there so that you can compare the bones. [ By the way, in just about every evolution museum there is a large space between Lucy’s leg bones on one side, even though there are a lot of reasons for it to be higher up. They do that so that it’s long enough for it to look like a human leg.]

Now, that part that I just described is only one corner of one room. But even though the museum is big, every bit is still crammed. – Lillian.