Caterpillars: The inspirational but not the uninteresting.

There are lots of different kinds of caterpillars in North Carolina. I’m sure you have seen pictures on instagram. Here are some fun facts:        :) Every time a caterpillar molts it gets new patterns on its skin. :) When butterflies get out of their chrysalises they have wet wings and have to let them air dry for up to a week. :) wooly worms, or fuzzy wuzzys, are more common here. :) All caterpillars have sixteen legs, the front six are skinny to eat with, but the back ten are fat and can easily grip things like branches.   Caterpillar life cycle:

Hatch, eat egg, eat more, molt, eat, molt, eat, molt, eat, molt, turn into a chrysalis, turn into a butterfly, let wings dry, fly away.        ( P.S. This is the exact amount of times a caterpillar molts.)                                   – Lillian.

2 thoughts on “Caterpillars: The inspirational but not the uninteresting.”

  1. Lillian, I just saw a black wooly worm at our house – cold winter ahead. I know that one day you would enjoy reading more from the Foxfire books.

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