An amazing art museum.

At Bob Jones university, there is an art museum that has the second-largest selection of religious art. The famous Vatican, in Rome, is the only place that has more. It is really pretty, and cool. There where even Rembrandts!!! We are studying the middle ages in history and that made the art museum even cooler for us because most of the paintings where from the middle ages.  – Lillian.

Caterpillars: The inspirational but not the uninteresting.

There are lots of different kinds of caterpillars in North Carolina. I’m sure you have seen pictures on instagram. Here are some fun facts:        :) Every time a caterpillar molts it gets new patterns on its skin. :) When butterflies get out of their chrysalises they have wet wings and have to let them air dry for up to a week. :) wooly worms, or fuzzy wuzzys, are more common here. :) All caterpillars have sixteen legs, the front six are skinny to eat with, but the back ten are fat and can easily grip things like branches.   Caterpillar life cycle:

Hatch, eat egg, eat more, molt, eat, molt, eat, molt, eat, molt, turn into a chrysalis, turn into a butterfly, let wings dry, fly away.        ( P.S. This is the exact amount of times a caterpillar molts.)                                   – Lillian.

The caterpillars of Asheville

In Asheville caterpillars are abundant so I thought you might like to be educated about them; here are some interesting facts:

Caterpillars are the larvae of butterflies and moths.

Caterpillars don’t all eat the same thing; wax worms eat beeswax and clothes moths eat wool, one kind of caterpillar eats poop. hehe

Many caterpillar eggs have a thick rough coating,  some look like pearls and  some like beads dangling on a string.

Caterpillars aren’t all cute and fuzzy though, one kind looks like an ordinary twig while others eat poisonous plants so they taste bad to birds. -Gordon

Asheville Architecture

Asheville is home to many Art Deco and Victorian buildings which we saw on the urban trail self guided tour. They say Art Deco is an eclectic style but I think its sort of an electric style with its industrial pizzazz, combining traditional ideas of building with machine age materials such as steel, iron, gold, glass block, and copper; elements of Art Deco include, rounded corners, neon, groups of three, and eyebrows.   It started in France in the 1920’s, and by the ’30’s, it flourished globally.

One of my favorite buildings is the flat iron style – skinny in front and flaring out in the back (pictured above).  Also the S&W building is a good example of Art Deco, simple but still intricate and beautiful unlike the office buildings of today. -Gordon



Biltmore Estate Details

The dinning room.

Here are some details about what the Biltmore house looks like on the inside. There are two hundred fifty rooms, forty-five bathrooms, forty-five fire places total, a lot of servants who all had privet rooms ; Females in the basement, Males above the stable, and to top it all off an indoor garden. But that is not all!! Here are some fun facts:  :)  Lots of cherubs and gargoyles carved on walls. :)  Lots of latin stuff. :)  Leather walls in breakfast room. :)  Three secret doors. :)  Original Sargent paintings. :)  Buttons to call maids and butlers. :)  Five tapestries from the fifteenth century. :)  Triple fireplace in dinning room. :)  Seven course meals. :)  George’s room has gilded walls, and the room is so big that the queen size bed looks tiny. :)  Music room contains apostle figurines that were once owned by empresses. :)  A huge library with only half of George’s collection: Over ten thousand books!! :)  George had twenty-three thousand books total- that’s four times more than Carl Sandburg!! :)  There is an original elevator that still works and we got to ride in it!! :)  When Cornelia [ there daughter ] was married, the servants painted a room in the basement like a Halloween seen to have the wedding in. :)  The BILT-IN POOL!!! had fifty-four degree river water, mixed with boiling water. :)  There is a BILT-IN BOWLING ALLEY!!! :)  There are six pantries, three kitchens, two floral rooms, two laundry rooms, and a drying room. :)  There is a room just for smoking, and a room reserved for guns. How luxurious!! – Lillian.

The winter garden.




Hello, Seattle, I mean Asheville

Think about one of our favorite songs, Hello Seattle. We came up with these new words for it:

Hello, Asheville I am a hippie van…with a peace sign sticker

Driving around, headed to drum circle…on a Friday night.

Hello Asheville, I am a cardinal…on the decked canoes

I float the rivers with Dr. Gordon Grant…as my instructor.

Hello, Asheville I am a hula hoop…spinning round till I’m dizzy

I see the costumes and lots of dreadlocks, too…but I don’t get a good view.

Hello, Asheville I am a coffee shop…selling coffee with vegan snacks

I have an anarchy library bookstore, too…viva la revolucion!

Take me above Pack Square…but make sure that it’s all fair (trade certified organic)

…..or something.

Keep Asheville weird!!!

-Gordon, Lillian, and Mom