the Appalachian Trail

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The Appalachian Trail is a trail that goes from Georgia to Maine that each spring hikers set out on the five month journey up the coast. I did not do the whole thing, but I did a bit of it in the Georgia/ North Carolina part. Founded by Benton MacKaye in the 1920s, this famous foot trail is incredibly beautiful and great for backpacking and day hikes (more info soon ) -Gordon

“What is it like to live in a moterhome?” part one: in a campground.

Fort tatham, our favorite campground.

In a campground, a motorhome is almost like just living in a house in a neighborhood. Usually. They can vary from parking lots with bath houses and hook-ups , to beautiful lakes, and creeks all around with nice flowers. Nearly every campground that isn’t just a parking lot has a pool. I like that. Sometimes I will walk loops around, just to meet new people!! Once in a while, we go to a campground where the cement is very flat, and I rollerblade all over the place!! So now you know!! That’s what it’s like living in a motorhome at a campground!!


Folk art center.

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corn husk dolls.

So today Mom and I went to the folk art center and we saw all kinds of cool stuff ; like quilts, pottery, wood carvings, corn husk dolls, paintings, weaving, dresses, felting, and even painting with thread in pretty patterns. It was really interesting to see , but they don’t let you take pictures.

– Lillian.