Rosenbaum house.

my dream bed room in the rosenbaum house.

Maybe you’ve heard of Frank Lloyd Wrightrosenbaum. He designed really pretty houses. The one we saw was amazing!! This building is called the Rosenbaum house because the Rosenbaums were the people who lived there. It had three bedrooms, all with desks, and a bedroom with two bunk-beds pressed up against each other for the children. The study is lovely, and so is the dining room, and tiny kitchen with a ice box instead of a fridge. There is also a guest room, and a big, modern, kitchen. But, surprisingly, Frank Lloyd Write wasn’t a great architect so he designed the house in such a way that it easily leaked. Since it is now a museum, the leaks are filled with epoxy.


Mansfield, missouri and Laura Ingalls Wilder.

saw the house that Laura Ingalls Wilder and Almanzo James Wilder built. In it
we saw Laura and Almanzo’s beds, Chairs that “Manzo” built, two lamps that he
built. A table was made of a Cyprus knee and had a slab of oak on top.  It was his favorite of everything he made. We
saw their radio and its case. We saw Almanzo’s stick lamp, and “Pa’s” fiddle.
We saw lots of Laura’s hats, three dresses that she made, a dress top that she
made, one of Rose’s dresses, Laura’s writing desk, “Ma’s” sewing machine,
Laura’s fainting couch [a couch that has no back and is curved up at one side,]
which she used when she wrote because she often thought of ideas for her books
late at night. We saw her foot stool and desk. [She needed one because she was
only 4’ 11”. Almanzo was 5’ 4”.]

We saw Laura’s butter mold. It has the carving
of a goose in it and she would press a circle of butter into it with the other
side of the butter mold which had a handle that she pressed in and then she
took the butter out and it was molded. We saw some of the name cards that Laura
got. We even saw one from Mr. Boast. The Boasts were friends of the Ingalls’s.
And we saw one from Nellie Owen. [Nellie Olson.] We saw Carry’s autograph
album, some of Laura’s fan mail, the clock and bread plate that where saved
from the fire in “The first four years.” We saw copies of Laura’s books in a
bunch of different languages, Laura’s jewel box, and all kinds of glassware,
all pink because that was Laura’s favorite color.We
saw dishes Laura had and a picture of the car that Rose got for Laura and
Almanzo We saw lots of Laura’s cooking utensils, her fridge, electric stove, and
her wood burning stove.

All of the counters in Laura and Almanzo’s
farm house are short. There is a hole in the wall between the dining room and
the kitchen so Laura could slide the food in and dishes could be slid back.
There is a library. Laura records saying as a child: “If I build a house when I
grow up, I am going to have a library.” It is a seven room house; three
bedrooms [one is Laura and Almanzo’s, the others are Rose’s and a guest room.],
one bathroom, one study, one dining room, one kitchen.

We saw the rock house. A house that Rose
Wilder Lane built for her parents. They moved in and lived there while Rose
stayed with them but Rose worked for the “New York times” and going back and
forth got hard so Rose [the second wealthiest woman of her time,] moved to New
York and Laura and Almanzo moved back to their farm house. The bathroom of the
rock house is completely made of tile. It is beautiful. The two bed rooms have
closets which was very rare because closets where considered an extra room and
you had to pay taxes on every room. The rock house is cold, even though it’s so
hot here. It is five rooms [not including the closets.] One kitchen and dining
room, two bedrooms, one bathroom, and a basement. Nothing is in Almanzo’s room
accept a chair that he made. In Laura’s room there is a bed, a desk, and a

– Lillian.