George Washington Carver

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peanut plant
George Washington Carver

George Washington Carver invented 300 uses for the peanut and 105 uses for the sweet potato. wow! His laboratory was made out of stuff from a junk heap at Tuskegee institute. He grew up during the civil war and his mom was killed and he never knew his dad. So he and his brother lived with a family who owned them but set them free at a young age and let them stay till they were ready to move on. At age 11 George left to go try to get in to college after being denied more than once he got into a college and did well. After that he had a vision that he needed to find ways to use the peanut and teach black students so they could “fill their dinner pails” as he put it because even after the civil war not every thing was worked out yet and it was hard for them to get into college. We went to the museum in diamond MO and enjoyed it I hope you found this post as interesting as me. -Gordon.

the lewis and clark keelboat

You probably heard about Lewis and Clark who went looking for the Northwest Passage. Anyway, they had a boat called a keelboat. It worked well for them on the rivers. A boat builder in Iowa built a working reproduction and lived on it for three months on the Missouri River. Now it is outside a Lewis and Clark interpretive center and you can go on board and check it out and then go see the museum inside. – Gordon.

Laura’s dug-out in walnut grove,minnisota.

The dress I made.

We went to walnut grove [where Laura Ingalls lived in “on the banks of plum creek.”] We saw the dug-out she lived in and I even waded in plum creek. Of course, I wore my Laura dress and left my shoes in the motor-home. Picture of my dress below. This is in the one-room school house that Laura and Carry went to in De Smet.


De Smet, S.D. and Laura Ingalls Wilder.

Now we are in De Smet . This is where ” By the shores of silver lake.”  ” Little town on the prairie.” ” The long winter.” “These happy golden years.” and ” The first four years.” took place. We went to the surveyor’s house, [ Laura lived here in ” By the shores of silver lake.”] the house that “Pa” built in town, the Loftus store,[ Laura and Carry bought “Pa” a pair of Christmas suspenders here and many other things.] the cemetery where “Pa”, “Ma”, Laura and Almanzo’s baby boy, Mary,  Grace and her Husband, and Carry. We also saw the homestead site of the Ingalls family.

Some Caroline Ingalls Swanzey info.

Some Caroline Ingalls Swanzey info.  Caroline [Carry] Ingalls swanzey was Laura Ingalls Wilder’s little sister. I saw the Carry museum and in it was Ma’s china shepherdess. Read any Laura Ingalls books to find out more. I bought a book of Laura’s poetry. Yes, she was, a poet. My favorite so far is:
“If you have anything to do, do it with all your might. Don’t let trifles hinder you, if you’re sure it’s right. Work away, work away, do it with all your might.”


Mt. Rushmore.

We went to Mt. Rushmore on June 11th.   I loved it. The man who made it, Gutzon Borglum, was Danish. I guessed he was Swedish because his name sounded like an Ikea product. When he died his son, Lincoln Borglum, finished the project. -Lillianis