Mount St.Helens.

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Mount St. Helens.


As you might know, mount St. Helens erupted in 1980 on may 18th. It had a bubble growing on the north side of the mountain. Then, on may 14th, every-thing was still. The bubble wasn’t growing any more. Every-thing stayed still for 4 days. Then…BOOM!!!!!! It exploded. Some people think that it erupted once in the 1400s but don’t know for sure because that was 500 years ago. There is a small lava dome growing inside of the volcano’s hole. If it did erupt in the 1400s then the lava dome would have grown back before 1980, when it exploded. People had been really enjoying the lake near mount St. Helens called spirit lake, but after the eruption, the lake’s shape was different because the land slide came in and spread out the water. Also, the logs from around the mountain came in floating on spirit lake and so now, there are a million logs on the lake.

– Lillian.


Educational sequoia.

baby sequoia.
full-grown sequoia.


How do these giants grow? you might be wondering. Of course, like every-thing else, they start small. From this picture you can see that the baby sequoia is only the size of a bush.-Lillian.


Pacific beach. No , not just a beach-HEAVEN!!!!!!!!!

I buried Gordon in a pile of sand because he was cold.


Pacific beach was paradise. I was determined to never leave. But soon after, I got cold so I bought a hotdog , and a hot chocolate that tasted like water, and we left. And the next day it rained. So , although Pacific beach is heaven , it can be cold and uncomfortable. But I still love it!         -Lillian.


Cinco de Mayo

We rode our bikes to Old Town San Diego which is really near Mexico.100MEDIA36IMAG0371

In Mexico they don’t celebrate Cinco de Mayo much so being here is like being in Ireland for St Patrick’s day.  We went to a Mexican restaurant.  I made a picture frame out of the menu.  — Lillian