New York New York.

IMAG0276Here is a picture of Gordon and I in New York New York , and no , I did not write New York twice on accident. In Las Vegas there is a place called New York New York and it is a lot like real New York. I do not know why it is called New York New York. It has a statue of liberty, and the picture is of Gordon and I on the Brooklyn bridge.

–          Lillian


We went to the Coca Cola store and tasted Cokes from around the world!!!

#1.Inca kola from Peru.

#2.Sunfill blackcurrent from Mauritius.

#3.Stoney tangawizi from Tanzania.

#4.Fanta magic from Estonia.

#5.Vegitabeta from Japan.

#6.sparletta sparberry from Zimbabwe.

#7.Smart watermelon from China.

#8.Kinley lemon from England.

#9.Lift manzana from Mexico.

#10.Fanta kolita from Costa Rica.

#11.Seagram’s ginger ale from Mexico.

#12.Ciel aquarius [or in Latin , heavenly  water. From Mexico.

#13.Sunfill mint from Djibout.

#14.Smart apple from China.

#15.Beverly from Italy.

#16.Mezzo mix from  Germany.

Beverly had a horrible after taste and Sunfill mint was kind of like mouth wash. Smart apple and smart watermelon were good. All of the tastes were very different and it was fun trying to decide what each one tasted like.

– Lillian.


IMG_2613Two days ago I made my first meal in the motorhome. I made pancake balls with chocolate in them called ” ebelskiver.” I made two bowls full! I also made one bowl of ebelskiver full of cheese for Gordon. I miss you all. Please mail me pictures to put on my bulletin board.


IMG_2607Lilliana et Gordus in Roma. Spectant aqua. Veno , vido, amo.-Lilliana.

English:    Lillian and Gordon are in Rome. They look at water. I come, I see, I love.-Lillian.

Explanation: I wanted to write something in latin. What better way than in a blog post? So I described part of Caeser’s palace.